Sunday, July 6, 2008

Back at the Village

We are now back at the American Village. The surgery went well. They were able to used her own bone and Dr. Callahan also repaired the part the was done earlier too. Now she has full round head again. I had asked before the surgery if they can shave all of her hair off, but they ended up shaving half of her head. So, today daddy shaved the other half off. No staple this time, just stitches and they looks nice.
We got kicked out of the hospital by Saturday afternoon, even though I had asked for her to stay for one more day. Don't get me start! I am glad we don't have to go back there again. I was kinna disappointed with the nurses on 5th floor north. At one point, I told them that Ada was in pain and needed some pain medicine. The nurse turned around and asked how do I know that she was in pain. That's insulting to me. Ada and I was half asleep when the EMT showed up and asked if we were ready. I thought we supposed to be informed by the nurse or a social worker that Ada will be discharged and the ambulance had been arranged to pick her up, this afternoon, but no. Good thing about it was that the EMT that picked up Ada that day was her classmate since Elementary school. It was "Chantel"! I can't believe it. Now we had located all of her Girl Scout Gang. I hope we can get together sometime.
The pain had subsided and she looks more comfortable. She must be so bored because we did not put her on the chair for a couple of day. May be tomorrow then. She wiggles her body until her foot gets to the end of the bed and bangs on it. her cast will come off next Wednesday, finally, 18 weeks after the accident.
Last week we sat her at the side of the bed with her feet touching the floor. At first she looks so scare, then she gets the hang out of it. From that position, two people can lift her and put her in a chair. The PT is looking for different chair for her. May be tomorrow we can go outside again.
The meeting will be arranged to determine whether we can take Ada home or what kind of help we will need. It is a complex and probably long process, but everyone is willing to help and get it done.
I know I will be a primary care of Ada, changing her feeding her and give her medicine, and be by herside most of the time. Staying at the nursing home with Ada, I have to split my family in two. I need to go home and take care of my men. They need me too. We don't have a bedroom down stair, so we will put Ada in the dinning room. The new floor is needed because the old carpet is very old. We will put up the curtain for her privacy but being there she can be in the center of activities. With the dogs running around, Archie who goes to work at midnight and comes home at 4 am, Arthy who, after school open, will get up at 5 am and try to catch the bus to school, I hope she can get some sleep. For me, I can finally put the pasta machine on the table and work on clay again and get the house back in order.
I drove for the first time today after the accident. Pretty shaky but that didn't stop me. Nothing will stop me at this point.


CU 1835024 said...


I am grateful for your update on Ada's progress.

There are many things that need to get done at the house before Ada can come back. To me, this is the time that you need real help in action. There are lots of friends who meant it when they said to ask if you need ANYTHING!

I am proud that you still can count on us now to help. Nothing will stop you at this point and nothing will stop us either.


F & M said...

Hi Ponsawani,

So much to write about with your message. I will write an e-mail letter with more details. I am disappointed at the hospital and their staff, I am glad Chantel was there to balance out what happened at the hospital...I am glad you are all back to American Village with no staples and a round head (so glad they used her bone), a full shaved head ready to grow all that beautiful hair back uniformly...I am glad for the possibility of going back home...and for you driving again. Nothing has ever stopped you, nothing will stop you now! Remember in December of 1985 when you had your driving license permit and we were on our way to our last day of work at Mr. Gwinnup's engineering office a week before I got married? There was black ice on the road and our car rolled over and ended up upside down in the ditch and we were tossed around the car? We survived then and I wondered if you would be afraid of driving again and getting your driving license, but you got back behind the wheel! Nothing stopped you then, nothing stops you now, nothing will ever stop you. You are a fighter! And now that you are more experienced in life,you have the maturity to know what you want, where you want to go and how to get there. You might find unexpected detours along the way, like Ada's accident, but they are not dead end road blocks, only detours that will still allow you to go around them and get where you want to go. It will take just a little longer time to travel your life's journey! Love and hugs, F & M

Kimequa said...

I tried to leave you a message the other night but my dial up was too slow! ha! Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I am proud of you, for both taking the HUGE step of getting behind the wheel again and also for being such an awesome mom to Ada. You are doing an amazing job, mama!! I'm sure Ada will be relieved to be back at home, where things are familiar and the dogs are running around. How wonderful it will be to be around furry little animals again and in the comfort of her own home! And the idea to have her in the Dining room is awesome. Curtains work just fine for privacy and I'm sure she will love being back in her home again. :)

Thanks so much for your updates--It's exciting to hear that her beautiful head is round again!! I can't wait to see her!! The next time I will be in town will be the weekend of August 30---I hope to see you all then!! Let me know if there is anything I can bring for you guys from Houston! :)


Macey said...

Dear Ada,

I miss seeing you often like I used to--but I think you would be happy with the progress I have been making in my life, just as I am happy with the progess you have been making in yours.
I'm still with you always and I can't wait to see your new haircut. Send some hugs to the moms for me ok?