Monday, July 21, 2008

From Nursing Home to Emergency Room To RHI in 7 days

It had been an extraordinary week for Ada. Last Saturday, the infection around her left eye had landed us in the Emergency room at 2:00 am. After a few days of anti-biotic, Ada was feeling better but ended up having diarrhea, so the doctors kept her there for a few more days. One of the nurse asked me why Ada stayed at the nursing home and not going to RHI ( Rehabilitation Hospital of Indianapolis). Then the ball got rolling. The PT and OT started the evaluation process, the social worker and the rep. from RHI started the paper works; letter of recommendation and, the most important in the process, asking permission from medicaid. It took a couple of day and lots of work, finally Ada was excepted to go to RHI with medicaid approval. Ardis and I were crying the tear of joy.
Transported to RHI on Friday night, Ada settled down and I went home. After 41/2 month, I had to go home and sleep on my bed. I was very reluctant to go home and felt kinna weird.
Early Saturday morning, I went back to RHI to meet Dr. Liptson. Not only she is the Director of the Hospital, she is also the best of the best. Ada is fortunate to have her. She always come to see the patient at 6:30 am, so I have to get up early if I want to talk to her. Good thing is RHI is 3 miles away from our house and I can get there in 8 minutes. Ada was evaluated by PT, OT and ST on Saturday and on Sunday, they started working with Ada. She was not happy, very frustrated and did not cooperated well with anyone. All the experiences were totally overwhelmed her and I hope she can cope with it in a couple of day. She will get 3 hours of therapy every day, 6 days a week.
They gave her a shower today. Imagine how happy she must felt, a shower after not having one for 41/2 month. She also wears regular cloth, not the hospital gown. good thing there is Target near by, Ardis and I went to get some shirts and pants for her. I hope she like the pink and purple outfits that we pick out for her. I still cannot go into her room after the accident. May be someday, I 'll go in there and get some of her own cloths.
The day will be busy for her. I will be there to help and to learn how to work with her. It is our ultimate goal to get her to RHI, and then get her home.
I went back to the nursing home to pack up. I'll go back and say good bye and thank you the staffs for taking good care of my daughter for 3 months.
So much had happened this past week. Stay tune.


cu# 1835024 said...


So RHI is it! The place where Ada can improve both psychologically and physically; where you and Ardis can rest a little more and find peace and comfort in the progress. It is a miracle that you can pull this stunt in a week time. I only heard complaints on how slow and uncaring the system is. I am so glad to hear uplifting accounts from you.

In my opinion, USA is one of the best countries when it comes to taking care of her children and people. This is so obvious to immigrants like me and I am grateful everyday for the way of life we have here.

After 4.5 months, today marks a new day for Ada and everyone of us. Our continuous prayers work.


F & M said...

Hi Ponsawani,

Yui said it all! "After 4.5 months, today marks a new day for Ada and everyone of us." That nurse, PT and OT were marvelous in getting the ball rolling!!!!!!!! Hurrah for them! I am glad you slept on your bed after all this time. Some day soon you will be able to enter Ada's room...and rejoice that she is with us and getting better every day! Just wait and see all what she will prosper with therapy, just being able to wear regular clothing, take showers, and realize that they are helping her to get better!(She will figure out the latter soon! I am sure.)

Excellent news...The last time you wrote in the blog you said something like you hoped you will write soon with good news. In 7 days you did! Things keep changing for the better!!!!!!!!

Thanks to Ardis and you. I join you with tears of joy and happiness from afar....Love you lots. Receive a huge hug from us, F & M

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you and Ada, Ponsawan. Is there anything I can send to help from California? Much love and hope,

(your friend from PCC)

Anonymous said...

... I'm so happy for you!!! That infection around her eye was really a blessing in disguise! Landing in emergency was exactly what was needed to start this amazing chain of events.

I'm thinking of and praying for Ada every day. I've been checking here daily since Day 1.

God bless you all as you move forward in this journey of healing.


Christie said...

Congratulations on being accepted to RHI! Ponsawan, that is fantastic news!! I am so happy for Ada and you and your family.
And how wonderful that RHI is so close to your own home. Wonderful, wonderful news. Please take care of yourself and know that you are in my thoughts often.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to read she's at RHI!!! I've been reading your blog religiously and waiting for this day - my sister was at RHI after our car accident and also had Dr. Lipson!! Can't wait to read about her progress!!

Lauren Gibney

River said...

This just confirms my belief that everything happens for a reason, if not for the eye problem you would never have been referred to RHI.

so happy for you and Ada, she'll get used to the routine in no time.

Ting said...

So much has happened to you in the past week, all for the betterment of Ada's recuperation. Your strength has been tested again with your own accident and being in the Emergency room for Ada's infection. Some set backs seem to come everytime before positive changes.

Why didn't we see this nurse early on who said that Ada should be in RHI instead of the nursing home? We don't know. May be that's fate, but, like River said, everything happens for a reason.

I'm glad Ada is now getting the right help she needs for recovery.

I joined you in crying too, with gladness that Ada has moved a step closer to real healing. I also cried with empathy for the difficulties you have endured before arriving this step.

And when you said you could not enter Ada's bedroom since her accident, my throat was too tight to cry. I just wanted to be with you in person to hold you and tell you that I, and every mother in the whole world, share this feeling with you.

Please carry on Ponsawan. We never lose faith in miracles, we never lose faith in Ada, and we never lose faith in you.


cbarniak said...

So glad to hear after a crazy week, let alone a crazy 4.5 months, that Ada and you (and everyone who knows and loves you both) can hear some deserving news for Ada's recovery.

I miss you and will go get things out her room for her.



Vicki Crim said...

As Ting said, "Please carry on Ponsawan. We never lose faith in miracles, we never lose faith in Ada, and we never lose faith in you." Please add to never lose faith in God. I have been praying for Ada and the family and I have asked everyone I know who has a personal relationship with God to pray continually. I believe God is answering the many prayers going up for Ada and to that I say, "Thank you, God, for your goodness and for the latest good news You've brought to this family. You are the Great Physician and You love us so much and all the thank you's in the world cannot express our thanks." Ponsawan, keep the faith that God is good and will take care of Ada. Meanwhile, I will continue lifting Ada and the family up to our Almighty God.

With God's Love,
Vicki Crim

Ting said...

Dear Vicki,
My spirit goes along with every word you said, for I too have a personal relationship with God. It sounds very strange for someone from a different faith to say this. The realtionship with God is indeed personal, and faith is indeed personal.
We have become one big family who share a common goal. We focus our prayers on Ada's recovery.

Melanie said...

This is an exciting step and hopefully will re-energize Ada, you and her family/friends, and the doctors involved. Sometimes all it takes is that one break to get the ball rolling.

I will send all my positive energy and thoughts of determination her way.

- Melanie Woods, Pike '03

Anonymous said...

It was so nice to see Ada on Sunday! I can't wait to see her again and see the progress she's made since coming to RHI.