Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sitting up straight and standing tall with your head up

It has been almost 2 weeks now since Ada came to The Rehab Hospital. Life is much easier for the Silapiruti family since the hospital is 10 minute away and they don't let mom stay over night. I get to go home and cook and clean and sleep on my bed, and have a few hour to make jewelry.
Ada has a busy day, starting with 9:00am till late after noon. She has 6 work out sessions, 1/2 hour each with PT, OT, and SLP. With 2 hour break in the afternoon. Ada is now well adjusted to the new environment and willing to work with those wonderful therapists. She also get a new chair and it help her sitting up straight and more comfortable and it is so easy to push and turn. We went around the building and go outside in the garden.
It is so nice to be at RHI. For Ada, she receives intense therapy and new medication that would, hopefully, help her to wake up and be more focus. With doctors, nurses and therapists who specialize in treating people with brain injury, we hope to get a good progress report in a few weeks. For the family, they have meeting twice a week with the helpful information that will help us deal with the situation better.
We will be ready to take her home in a few weeks. Ready or not.
Not only she can sit up straight on the chair, she can stand up straight on the standing frame. Yes, she has been standing on her 2 feet for 16 minutes yesterday. There is a big mirror in the gym and she can't keep an eye on her reflection. It was the first time she saw herself. We also working on trying to help her open her mouth and swallow so we can start feeding her in her mouth.
There is so much going on during the day, each day. Ada is more aware of the surrounding and more alert, which is a good thing. We will cerebrate each small step, baby step she make with love and patient and hope that someday she will be able to talk, walk, or just give us a smile.
"Your smile is like a ray of sunshine", a friend wrote on the back of his high school picture. Shine on us, Ada, we will be waiting, patiently.


Melanie said...

Yippie!!...this is great sounds like Ada is understanding what is going on around her and now she can see for herself that "She IS" on the road to recovery!!...thinking of you and yours Ponsawan keeping all in my prayers...God Bless You!!... :)

Vicki Crim said...

I am so happy to hear that Ada is making progress. I thank God for that. I know it will be very hard work for Ada, but I also know she can do it. Keep the faith and continue trusting that God will bring her back to you. Praise Him and His Goodness. You'll continue to be in my thoughts and prayers until Ada is back.

Nesiejean said...

Absolutely wonderful news! Ada is so fortunate to have such a supportive family.

You're all still in my thoughts and prayers.

cu# 1835024 said...


Thanks for your call last night. You have strong engergy and unwaivering determination in your voice; I love hearing you talk.

I have learned more each day how strong a spirit Ada's is. Her self-awareness is exeptional and her protest can only come from that.

If the left brain is for language and logical thinking, I would say she must fare better than what Dr. Taylor said about herself at this same stage. I would not be surprised if Ada will soon shine on us with her smile.

Our belief and faith bring miracles. I believe in Ada and you.


F and M said...

Hi Ponsawani,

We believe in Ada and you too! I told you before how EXCITED we are to hear that she is MUCH, MUCH BETTER and adjusting to her new environment. The awful trip to the emergency room brought the miracle of the rehab center. My tears were flowing of happiness this time...knowing that she will continue to make progress. Standing up and learning to eat and drink are marvelous news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is a miracle for those who might believe miracles happen. I wonder what were her thoughts when she saw herself for the first time in a mirror...What a wonderful moment!

As a strong will person, there is nothing to stop her now...

A great big hug for you and Ada,
F and M

Anonymous said...

I have been reading all of the updates on Ada since she left 6S at Methodist. Know that I continue to think of Ada often, as well as each of you! I truly hope that each day has brought new blessings and new accomplishments. It is also my hope that you have all continued to grow closer as a family. Continue supporting and loving one another, as well as Ada. She needs each of you, probably more than you realize. I believe that Ada will continue to progress, largely due to your constant love and devotion to her recovery.

With love,
Amber A6S

Anonymous said...

There is now more light in our hope, to learn that Ada is getting so much stimulation to her brain, and that she is more and more aware of her surroundings. Yes we cherish each and every small miracle, and we continue to pray.

Melissa Platt said...

I am so excited to hear the good news about Ada!! She has worked so hard...with the help of her family and friends. Unfortunately I am in Wisconsin, but would love to visit her again next time I'm in town. I think about her everyday. Take care!

kimequa said...

It is so refreshing to hear these amazing stories of Ada's improvement and the willingness of others to help her. Ada is STANDING!!! Even if with help, it is still a very important and amazing step for Ada to be on her feet/legs/hips again. I am praising God so much for all that is going on around and inside of Ada.. Keep up all the good work, Silapiruti's!

And yes, as for Dr. Jill.. her words are so honest.. How amazing Love truly is.

It seems like an eternity has passed since the accident, but really, Ada has fought so hard and improved SO much in such a short time. We are so very proud of her and I can only be excited for all of her improvement to come. When I think of her future, I only see things getting better each day. How wonderful :)

May the Lord keep you all so very Strong.