Saturday, July 12, 2008

ER, again

Back to Methodist Hospital for 2 am. ER visit again. Her left eye and the area below the newly installed bone flap was swollen and red. She had high temperature and looks uncomfortable, so we came to ER. Many testes, x-ray and c-scan had done to find out what went wrong. It took many hours for Neuro Doctor to come by and look at her. Well, first they just want to give her the anti-biotic and send her back, but I had asked for blood test and her white count was high. They always say that it is normal that she will get some swollen after the surgery. I wish I had been informed about all those "normal" things that could have happened so I don't get panic ad called the ambulance at 2 am. 10 hours later, they decided to admit her, 4 hours later, we arrived at room 5042 on the 5th floor. Private room, big window again, so I get to stay with her. I hope they don't kick us out so soon. I kinna like the view.
It's 9 pm. and the swollen is still there and it looks worse. They think she might get some kind of infection from the surgery. We will have to wait and see. She will get another round of anti-biotic and Neuro doctors should pay more attention to her or I have to go out and make a scene. Remember the movie "Term of Endearment", when mom (Shirley McLane) went out to the nurse station and asked (yelled) for the pain medicine for her daughter (Julia Robert)? Actually, the nurse that we have is so nice and she imediately recognized that Ada is in pain and the proper medicine was given to her right away.
More on that tomorrow. Hope I could report the good news.


F & M said...

Good morning, Ponsawani,

I hope Ada and you had a good night sleep. Sorry to hear that you are back in the hospital. I am sure everyone will fall in love with Ada and you will not have to make a scene...You are in our thoughts. I know you will have good news when you write again. Enjoy the view! Love and hugs, F & M

Sandy said...

Hi Ponsawan,

I check in every once in a while to see the progress. Even though I have never met you or Ada, you are in my thoughts frequently as I'm sure you are in many others.

Know that others silently watch, wait, hope, and love on your journey. I hope that all goes well with Ada and that she gets to go home soon.


Philip said...

Ponsawan, I met your daughter a few weeks ago, and have posted on here before but didn't put my name on the comment. I have thought about Ada several times. I hope that she recovers soon and is back at her temporary home. The next time that I am there on my ambulance I will make sure to stop by and say hello. I hope that some day I am inspire people like Ada has.

My peace and love be with you all of your life

angkana said...


When I was driving my vanpool to work this morning, I thought this will be a tough Monday because it is dark and glum and I felt like there are so many things to get done at work.

Thank you for reminding me again to open my eyes and adjust my limited thinking. Your everyday is a tough Monday and somehow you made it sounds so manageable. All I have to do is be "present" and "grateful".

I saw Dr. Jill Taylor's presentation on YouTube again yesterday (twice). I understand now that she will support you and Ada from afar. If it took her 8 years to fully recover with the help of her mom, I would expect at least the same time frame for our Ada.

In 2016, I am not sure where I will be but I can see you by Ada's side showing us what a selfless love of a mother can do.

I pray that Ada recovers from the infection completely very soon.


Domitsu said...

I don't know you and Ada but you are every day in my thoughts, in my heart...
I don't now why...probably because I feel your courage, your humanity...
Probably because you are an extraordinary mother with an extraordinary daugther...
Probably bacause I have children...

Ada and you are in my prayers...


riv said...

Hi Ponsawan,
I'm thinking of you often and wondering why it is that things like this happen. No one knows the answer to that, but I have always thought and lived by the philosophy that there are few people who are able to turn bad into good. You are one of those people. Don't be afraid to yell, scream and DEMANd the proper care for ADA. She is very lucky to have you fighting for her.
You and Ada are in my thoughts and prayers everyday.

Anonymous said...

i have been reading you blog and praying for you and ada all this time. you must be strong and you must learn all about situation like yours from the internet and from other patient or families you meet. you must be firm with the doctor learn and ask more than they tell you. pay attention to every detail in ada's appearnece and don't settle for "it's nothing". don't be shy. as i have been in a situation like yours in the past. please tell the doctors to check for bacteria and fungus. all the best. hugs from far away

DeMarcus said...

Hi Ponsawan,

Sorry that I haven't called or left a email for you. I've been in training for the last few weeks and it's pretty strict. We couldn't use cell phones or take showers for 7 days one week, and the other was 5 days without one.

I see Ada has had some more surgeries though. I'm really happy that you pay attention to the little expressions Ada makes. She won't verbally tell you anything so you have to listen in different ways. She will tell you everything.

Always thinking of Ada, helps to remind me that you to need support, along with the rest of your family and friends. So in closing I would like to say.

I LOVE YOU ALL! Stay strong, stay together, never forget, never quit, listen to another, love each other.

DeMarcus Ware