Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Slinky Duck

I'm sure you are wondering what is a slinky duck...well it's a little Ada miracle!! Today Ponsawan and I went out to lunch afterwards we stopped at a bookstore so she could pick up some jewelry magazines. In a bin near the cashier a couple of items caught her eye..a mini yellow rubber duck (that flashes color) and a plastic slinky toy. Since Ada is getting interested in picking up items they seemed appropriate...everyone loves a slinky!! When we arrived back home Ponsawan got the items out and it didn't take long for Ada to play a few games with me. I would put them somewhere on her leg and depending on her mood she either put them where I wanted them to go....or where she wanted them to go. Remember Ada is finding out that she does have some control.

Ponsawan has pushed their two single beds together and Ada now turns herself completely over...and she kicks her mother during the night when she wants to be changed. She is using her feet to push her chair all around the house, sits on the futon to watch tv, and keeps darting her eyes towards whatever she desires... like her bed so she can take a nap.

I will never look at a slinky or a rubber duck again without thinking of tiny miracles.

Ada is communicating, she is a miracle and that is how want to remember March 3, 2009.



Anonymous said...

Each and every small miracle of Ada's means the world to us. Because you take time to write and share your joy, the repercussion is endless. Thank you Ardis.

On the first anniversary of the new Ada, I shall remember that she is having fun taking some control of her life. You and Ponsawan must have really enjoyed the reward of your hard work.

The future is all positive. I look forward to the days, the weeks and the months to come.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing, Ardis. How amazing to be there to witness these giant steps! The pictures are WONDERFUL and are worth a thousand words!!!!!

These are incredible miracles and from now on it is downhill at Ada's own speed! I can't imagine all the wonderful things we will read in the months and years to come!!! I can't wait.

I will continue to visualize Ada in my mind every morning surrounded by light and positive energy moving forward and accomplishing one more new thing. It will all happen at the right pace according to Ada, not mine, not ours. That is how it is meant to be and we all will continue with patience marvelling at these accomplishments with tears of joy and happiness. Ponsawani...there is a reason for the miracle of March 3, 2008.

Ponsawani, if Ada was such a giving being with amazing interpersonal skills, marvelous smile, incredible intelligence, an adventurous self, and caring heart before March 3, 2008 just imagine how much more she has become this last year. The years to come will be ABSOLUTELY amazing and the lessons for all of us are humble and will continue to be this way. Our lives will never be the same thanks to Ada and you.

Love you lots..Hugs, Ponsawani!

Your friends forever.............

cu# 1835024 said...


At this rate you will need more toys and gadgets to help with your active self. Architect friends in Thailand auctioned your mom's bead jewelry and they got a tremendous success with the fund-raising. Everybody is inspired, takes part and wants to help. More money is needed now to continue on your impressive recovery and more donation will continue to come.

You are an amazing woman. Ponsawan and Ardis, your daughter is a great reflection of you.