Thursday, February 26, 2009

Last day at Rehab Clinic

We had decided to take a break from going to Rehab Center. Ada had refused to walk or even stand up while in session. She sat with her head down in her wheelchair. It is more of a behavior problem. She does have mind of her own and when she wants to do thing her own way, she usually wins. We will go back when she is ready.
I see it as a good thing. May be her brain starts to work, to reconnect and rewired itself. While at home, she is more active and playful. She moves her arms and legs and laugh at the funny movie. She looks me in the eye, pull my arm and gives me a hug. Today we sat her at the dining table, when we all done, she turn the wheelchair around and went straight back to her room. by herself.
Val, her nurse, and I will work with Ada at home and we will find out if we can get someone to come in once in a while. Just like Dr. Jill Taylor told me; make it fun, if it works then she won't do it. We also get the standing frame and a walker for her now.
Yesterday she broke the pole that hold the feeding bag. It is aluminum pole. The leg got caught under the TV stand but Ada grabbed the pole and pull it down. I duck tape the pole to the floor lamp for now till we get the replacement. Today, she sat in her wheelchair with her feet up on another chair, daddy put a pair of pink clog on the chair, Ada grab the clog and put them on her feet. She still have them on and I though she doesn't like pink.
I sleep better at night, knowing that tomorrow will be another good day.

Ada is in the kitchen watching mom cook. She is wearing her favorite shirt.


Anonymous said...

Just want you to know that lots of people are praying for Ada, and it looks as if the power of prayer works!!! We are still praying for her here in Oklahoma. My family is thrilled at the new blogs today. It puts tears in my eyes. Happy tears. Keep it up Ada! You can do it!

Susan Turney said...

Ponsawan, your recent posts make my heart sing. Ada is doing so well..I love that she's "rebelling" a little bit!

WonderfulWire said...

Thanks so much for this latest post... it is so good for everyone's heart, so uplifting! Thank You!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the lastest news about Ada! I am so happy to hear the progress she is making.

I come here everday and it's been great the last few days to get great news!

Anonymous said...

My Christian friends and people in thier church and my Hindu friends and people in thier prayer group have also been praying for you. They received news about your progress with great joy.

Your strong spirit keeps us going. Keep fighting, Ada.

Anonymous said...

Ponsawani and Ada,

The great news put tears in my eyes as I get so excited to know that Ada has figured out that she can be in charge. She has decided at a bigger scale that she is going to move forward and continue to pull herself up and not accept what is happening around her. She always showed this strong will all along, but today is stronger with greater determination. Instead of baby steps, she got tired of the baby steps and now is taking giant steps.

Many good days and wonderful night sleeps for you from now on, Ponsawani...Have no doubt...we will have our old Ada back in no time! I cannot imagine how much more she will amazed us from now on. Her smiles give so much hope and ligthens my life, Ada's, yours, your family's, and the entire planet! GO ADA! Love and hugs..........