Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ordianary Miracle???

Life is like a gift they say
Wrapped up for you everyday
Open up and find a way
When you wake up everyday
Please don't throw your dreams away
Hold them close to your heart
Cause we're all a part of
Just another ordinary miracle day

Today started out like so many of my days lately...making some tea, reading the paper, listening to the morning shows and wondering what my son is doing on the other side of the world. Like so many of you I want to hear that a miracle has happened and the economy is back on track...little did I know my miracle would come in another form. Since so many of you can't be here in Indiana physically I will do my best to make you part of the tiny miracle that I had the privilege to witness.

In the last few weeks Ada has not always been cooperating with her therapists or her mother. She seems to have an opinion on what shirt she is helping to put on or not put on or she might put her foot down so the wheelchair doesn't move. Ada likes to stand but not always take a step. We have tried to look at this as a positive because it means she is trying to control her world...a world that must seem so out of control to her. But today what we witnessed must mean she has been using all her energy to take even greater control.

Today was one of those late winter days in Indy...the sun was bright and the sky blue with a few clouds. The day was warm enough to work outside so my husband I went over to the Silapiruitis' to clean up the front yard of debris from the fire and remodeling. We also needed to move some furniture around the house so Ada's wheelchair could could move more easily from room to room. By the time we were done there was a pile of trash at the curb and we laughed that Ponsawan was going to have to bribe the trash man to take it all away. Ponsawan had brought Ada outside to watch us work...she kept an eye on us and sometimes a small smile crept over her face. She looked very happy to be the queen on her throne watching her subjects work.

We took Ada inside and as we were sitting around talking she started to laugh and smile quite often. Even though I have seen her do this before it still takes my breath away. I remember so many days and nights I would ask God to please let her family see her smile again...as you can see from the pictures she is still the girl with the beautiful smile that lights up the room. As we sat there marvelling at her Ada suddenly turned the wheelchair around and with her feet pushed herself down the hall. She stopped at one door and tried to open it....when we said that was the basement door she headed straight for her bedroom door and tried the door knob. The door was locked from the inside...so Ponsawan went in from another door and unlocked it. We then said "ok, try again"....she did and with a little help from us she opened the door. The look on her face said " I did it"...she then pushed her way in and pulled up alongside Arthy who was watching tv. Ada was very satisfied with herself and we all just sat back stunned because today we had seen another ordinary miracle...or was it just another ordinary miracle...I think not. But what it is ...is another Ada miracle and I will remember it all the days of my life.

As most of you know March 3rd. will be the 1 year anniversary of Ada's accident. It's hard to believe a year has passed and yet I'm sure for Ponsawan it must feel like 100 years.
So instead of us dwelling on what might have been let's give thanks and rejoice in the miracle that is Ada. Let Ada and her family know that they are in your thoughts and do what you can to continue to give them your love and support.



Anonymous said...


Thanks for inserting the pic. I know we will be seeing more Ada miracles in the future. She will continue to WOW us and we will cherish each one.


WonderfulWire said...

YES!!! It's the only word that expresses how I really feel after reading this wonderful post! Go Ada!

Anonymous said...

I've followed since blog since it started. Gone up and down with ya'll. Feel like I know all of you. I sat here and cried with joy when I read this. God is watching. May this be the start of many more good things. Thank you for sharing the ups with us. It made my day!

ukudancer said...

I have followed this blog since I went into look at Silastones beads. They are lovely and inspired me.
I check everyday to see how Ada is doing. My heart is with her and her family.
May you have many more miracle


cu#1835024 said...

The best news anyone can give me today. Thanks Ponsawan and Ardis. I am speechless.


Macey Leigh said...

I am so happy to see what a year has brought for Ada. When I look at her photos now, I am in awe and amazed at how far this girl has come.
I am going to see you soon.
ALL my love,

cbarniak said...

Love surrounding good people makes miracles happen. Way to bring it.

Ting said...

Dearest Ardis,

Thank you for taking us through the miracle you have witnessed on Ada, with her family. Life is never short of miracles, as long as we keep our faith.

You and your family have supported Ada and her family in every way. You have been our inspiration, and today I have given my practical support by donating to the Silapiruti Funds.

I hope Kyle is well and enjoying himself in Korea. Love and best wishes to you all.

Anonymous said...


These photos are AMAZING! It is more than a miracle...it has no words. It is absolutely amazing all what Ada has accomplished in a year! Remarkable...These are the best news ever! I am so excited! What a wonderful day!

Go Ponsawani and Ada..it is happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for you,Jim.Looking forward to more miracles.