Monday, February 16, 2009

Another field trip

Last Sunday, we took Ada to Museum of Art. We visited the Museum a lot when the kids were young. It is close to home, no admission, lots of things to see, not only inside the museum but also the garden and ground around it. I told them, this is your imaginary backyard. We went picnic, climbed trees and played hide and seek in the garden and learn about landscape design. Archie and Rachael went with us. Ada had a great time. She sit up straight in the car and in her wheelchair while we pushing her around.
We will go out more as the weather permitted.
Darn it! It is snowing again.


Anonymous said...

Fun memories to go back to the museum as a family! Glad to hear Ada enjoyed it and sat straight. I hope stopes snowing so that you can enjoy more field trips, Ponsawani

Love you...hugs

cu# 1835024 said...

Our family did not have as much fun visiting museum like you did. It is amazing how you can transform a simple garden into a fun-filled, wild place. How creative of you.

Thanks for the memories.