Monday, February 2, 2009

Dare to Dream

A few of Ada's friends who stopped by for a visit had told be about how they got inspired by Ada's a chance to travel and see the world, and they had done the same. I like to travel myself but did not have a chance to do much of it, so I kinna get the idea into Ada's head that, every chances that she gets, just go out and see what is happening on the other side of the world.
Travelling became a part of Ada's life. We made a few trips to Thailand when she was young to visit her family. By Eight grade, her Chinese teacher took a group of students to China for 2 weeks, so Ada and Katherine went.
Ada has a small calender with everyday of the year fills with things to do. She was a busy girl., always has things to do, place to go. On the back was a big list of what to do this year, next year and so on. She wanted to go to Spain for Study Abroad program and she knew we cannot affort it, but off she went, anyway. She had a great time. First I sent her to London to visit my friend. While in Spain, she travelled with her friends to Morocco and France. She met David in Spain and later on went back to Paris to stay with David for 2 months.
I found her 2008 calender in her room. There were a list of things to do, places to go as usual. As of June 2008, she wrote; sell the car, move to Paris.
Many friends had followed her footstep. "I was inspired by Ada" they said. They travel to the other side of the world, they move to another country, another state. Kyle, Ardis's son, left for Korea on Sunday. He will be teaching English at the school there. I know Ada would be proud of him.
If you haven't done so already, live her dream. Go out and see the world. Here are some pictures I pulled out from facebook.

Now I have to set a goal for her. Nothing big, just want to see her talk and eat and walk again. There will be a long road ahead of us, but we will travel together, one baby step at a time.


Anonymous said...

Dearest Ponsawan,

It must be hard for you, discovering Ada's 2008 Calendar with the list of her plans in it. A note that she would sell her car in June 2008 in order to move to Paris is breaking my heart.

Ponsawan, I can never imagine the strength you have in going through these, again and again. I can only tell you that I am with you in spirit, holding your hands, hugging you and keeping my dreams alive with you.

I dream too that this year, 2009, Ada will walk and talk and eat. We have gone past the lowest part of the curve already, now we should be going up. Now matter how slowly, Ada is coming back, because she has her dreams to live for.

We all believe in the power of dream, Ponsawan.

With love,

Anonymous said...

A note to Ardis,
My best wishes for Kyle's trip and his time in Korea. What a courageous and kind-hearted man he is. You must be very proud of him and missing him at the same time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ponsawan,

I agree with Ting. How difficult to find Ada's calendar, go through her photos and read her plans. I know you knew about her plans, but how hard to read them month by month.

Every morning I pray that Ada will achieve being completely independent from every adult... I want to see her capable of living by herself if she chose to without needing someone else to take care of her. This my dream. I visualize my dream every morning and I know it will come true.

The photos are beautiful!

Ardis, it must be difficult to let your son go, but how wonderful for him to go back to his roots and teach there. I wish him a safe trip and a wonderful experience.

Love you Ponsawani. Hugs.

CU# 1835024 said...

I can't add anything to the former posts. Ting and your friend have spoken for me; they share my tears and the aches in my heart as a mother.

I miss Ardis too. How can you miss someone you have not met; someone precious like Ardis, like Ada, and her friends who poured their hearts out in this blog.

I have a son but I felt unreasonably guilty when I talked to you about him and when I tell you that he is doing well at ECU. I never believe in wasting energy with guilts or worries but yet I felt uncomfortable relating his happy stances when you and Ada are suffering. This March, it will be a year since that darkest night.

Thanks for the beautiful photos and for allowing me to feel the joy of life here, now and back when. What a courageous spirit you instilled in Ada and in us!

I hope everyone is happy at your "Sunshine" place.


Anonymous said...

You know Ada got that traveling spirit from you, Ponsawani. She lived your dreams for herself and for you both or looking at it from another angle, you can also say that you lived your dreams through her!

It is our chance for all of us to dream what we want Ada to accomplish, visualize them, reflect on them, pray...whatever you do! Ponsawani we need goals set for Ada to accomplish by March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December of 2009, month by month written goals on your calendar or her calendar.

Ada used a well-known technique used by those people who reach their goals and go very far. This technique of writing goals where you see them every day, specific... yet simple and in a calendar is great so you remember to work hard to accomplish them by the date set. Ponsawani write them down. You share them month by month and we help you to achieve them with her wonderful therapist!!! Good night. Love you!