Monday, February 23, 2009

More pictures

Ada and Archie at the Museum

Smile a little smile for me. Don't you love it?


Anonymous said...

My Angel,

I can't believe how wonderful and beautiful you look. Nearly a year has passed, you emerged from the dark months like a princess. You are not an ordinary patient with acquired brain injury. You are exceptional. You are magic.

And the magic is in your eyes. They are so promising. Although you have not talked, you have not walked, you have not eaten and utilised your body to the full, your eyes tell me your brain is busy repairing itself, and that you will do all these one day.

Your eyes look so bright and intelligent, almost like nothing had happened to you.

Your mom says that sometimes she doesn't know what to write in this blog because she doesn't have good news. Well, these photos are the best news about you, Ada.

As long as you give us this kind of look every now and then. As long as you keep smiling, my angel. We can wait, because we know you need time.

Thanks your mom for sharing these precious photos with us.

WonderfulWire said...

What wonderful pictures! I believe too!! Keep going Ada. When you emerge from this cocoon of suffering and struggle, the caring, compassionate soul that is you will not have been diminished, it will instead have blossomed into a most precious and breath taking flower! One that will fill the room with incredible fragrance. You were always a beautiful flower, but soon that flower will be deeper and richer in color and perfume... far more than you could ever have imagined. And you will fill your world with unimaginable depth. Bless you Ada... keep healing.

Anonymous said...

How beautiful!! Thank you, Pansawan!! :) Oh, and in that last picture of Ada smiling, I see how she and Archie have such similar features :P