Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ada's 1st Field Trip

Today, Ardis and I took Ada to visit our friends at American Village. We had planned this for a while and today we decided it is a good day to go. Ada was excited about it, I can tell. She sat in her chair, looking out the window, waiting for Ardis to come. She usually took a short nap after shower but not today. On the way there, Ardis told Ada that we had took the same road back and forth to the nursing home before, in the ambulance. Ardis always sat in the front and I sat in the back with Ada. This time we sit in a car and Ardis was driving.
Everybody was so excited to see Ada. She shake hand with everyone.
I still remembered during our stay at American Village, through the darkest period of my life, those people, those friends, kept telling me that Ada will be Ok, she will come around and don't loose hope and they will take good care of her. I can't thank them enough for all they had done, not only for Ada, but for me as well.
Since Ada was doing so well, we decided to take her to Naked Chopstick, the Sushi restaurant that we used to worked. We eat there often enough know that the place will not be too busy, and we had a good time there. Ada was sitting nicely the whole time.
Sine she did great on her first field trip, we will take her out to the Art Museum and other public places when the weather get warmer. I know she get bored sitting at home. may be, we will have enough money to get a car or a van with wheelchair accessibility so we can go out more often.


Anonymous said...

It was a glorious that I will always treasure. Ada laughed and smiled at familiar faces, voices, and smells. She melted my heart.
None of this would've been possible without her mother's strength and the love that surrounds her daily in her home. It is not an easy journey but one that I still marvel at everyday. The staff at American Village gave the family love, care, and hope and yesterday Ada came to say "thank you". There will be more field trips and lunches but none will ever compare to the first one.
I'm so blessed to be a part of it.

Anonymous said...

This is truly amazing!!

From Ada being on life support ... to THIS!!! Woooohoooo. I can't wait to see Ada a year from now if this is the kind of progress she is making.


life is beautiful said...

It was great to see Ada so much better than before. God is with yu guys and all our good wishes are with you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Ponsawan and Ardis for sharing your wonderful day with us. The American Village revisit was such a good idea. The time you guys were there was intense. I remember how I was hungry for Ada's news and delighted and felt thankful with every small sign of her development. Ada has come a long way now. Thank God.

Can't wait to hear about the next outing.

CU#1839024 said...

Ardis and Ponsawan,
You sure know how to take care of Ada so well. The trip sounds exciting and very uplifting to me.

Thank you for your posts and all friends' comments. They are living spirit that you share with everyone of us. We all need each other.

I made more donation today and will continue to do it once a month.


Candy Apple said...

Dear Ponsawan and Ada,

Something keeps bringing you to my attention, fate, karma, who knows. I am a polymer clay fanatic and at least twice in recent memory I have seen the "silastones" art. This time though, I delved deeper into the blog and discovered your journey with Ada.

It hast taken me 3 hours to read what has taken you almost a year to experience. It is amazing the strength you discover when your children need you. Who knew right?

You are all amazing people and I am my family will send good thoughts and hope for continued recovery to you and Ada.

Oakland, CA