Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Back to Rehab Clinic

We braved the cold and the snow to go back to Rehab Clinic today. Thanks to Lenni, the Yellow cab driver who picked us up today. I hate driving in the weather like this. Arthy went with us today because he missed the bus this morning and did not want to go to school. His aunts and cousins came from Thailand for a visit so we have 10 people in the house and he doesn't want to miss a thing.
Arthy was impressed that Ada can stand up and walk (with help). His face lit up with happiness. Several months ago while he went to visit Ada at the nursing home, he told me he want his old sister back. I told him that he can't. I hope he like the sister that he has now, even though she is not quite the same. I knows Ada loves him. She turns her head to the direction of the door when she heard his foot step, as he is about to come into her room. Arthy will come in poking her, teasing her and make her laugh, and she will kick him with her foot when he is not looking. Archie, on the other hand, will come in and sit down quietly, watching Family Guy on TV with her or he will turn on the Music that she likes. He likes to talk to her when nobody around. Neo, Lucky and Clarice, our dogs, will run into Ada's room first, when we let them in the house, to say hello to her. Lucky like to sleep in front of her room. Funny how Daddy can get high-five and hand-shake from Ada everytime. She always give Valerie, her nurse, "the look" after Val brush her teeth. For me, I get a beautiful smile when I wake her up in the morning, and I know that it is going to be another good day, a better day, for us.
Friday is Ada's 24th Birthday. We will go to Rehab Clinic as usual because Medicaid only approved for 1 month of therapy, so we need to work, work, work.


Susan Turney said...

Oh, Ponsawan! I'm always so happy when you post because there seems to be so much improvement every time! I'm hoping Medicaid comes through with more therapy because obviously it's working! My best to all of you!

Ting said...

My dear Ponsawan,

You told the stories so beautifully and movingly. There is so much TLC surrounding Ada in her home sweet home. It warms my heart to read.

Ada looks very beautiful and cosy among her family and friends. She look more aware and up to the moment. She responds very well to the therapy and I hope we find ways to keep it going for her.

I wish that her 24th birthday brings her all the blessings she deserves, for her good progress.
We have been prepared for the long road to recovery. Seeing Ada's photos and reading her stories today is really heartening and promising.

Thank you Ponsawan for your beautiful post.
Much love to you

Aunt Ting said...

Dear Ada,

I hope you have a very happy birthday today. I am thrilled that your folks from Thailand and friends are with your family to celebrate this special day with you. It is a day of love and hope for us all. It is the love and hope that you have generated. It is a day of faith, for you have enlivened faith in all of us.

Please don't forget to smile the most beautiful smile this morning when your mother wakes you up, to thank her for bringing you to this world, for raising you up to be such a wonderful human being, and for doing every extraoridnary thing she can to keep you in this beautiful world.

Please give your Dad your best handshake, and Arthie and Archie your best gestures today, for you and your Mom cannot do it without them.

I hope you enjoy your birthday sweetheart. And I hope each day is a better day for you. As always, you are the focus of our love and prayers.

kimequa said...

Oh Ada, I just left a really long post and it got deleted! I just wanted to wish you a happy 24th birthday and tell you how very proud I am of you! I can't wait to see you again and am sure it will be very soon. I have started working a little bit (still can't find a job, but have started substitute teaching), so hopefully soon I'll be able to make some more trips down to see you!

In the post that got deleted, I made fun of you for being nearly a quarter of a century old. Ha - but in reality I LOVED it when I turned 25 just BECAUSE I was a "quarter of a century" old! (How cool is THAT!) ..So you'll have to let me know how that goes next year. ;)

I used to know this woman who was 94 years old and had Alzheimer's. She would always ask me how YOUNG I was! I would tell her, and then she would proudly reply, "I got you beat! I'm 94 years old." I liked her SO much! :) Oh yeah, and Ada, I got you beat!

I hope you have a lot of fun today! Are your brothers planning on skipping school to hang out with big sis and eat cake? Try not to be a bad influence today!! You should put them to work today--make them make a snowman for you or something hahaha. What are little brothers for, right?


Well, Happy Birthday, Ada! Have fun today! Lots of smiles and laughs...and if you must, practical jokes are ok too. It's your birthday, so you get special treatment aaaaaalllllllll day long which basically means you can get away with just about anything, if you ask me :)

love you!
-Kim Davis

Anonymous said...

My Dear Ponsawani and Ada,

Happy BIRTHday, Ada! I hope you had a great day with your close family and family from Thailand! I know you ARE doing better and you LOOK better and better each day.

Ponsawani, thank you for sharing all the great accomplishments. enjoy the family and the rehab. Somehow we will figure it out so Ada will not miss one week of therapy. OK???

Love and hugs!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweet Ada,i send you hundred and hundred kisses from my little town in France.
I am so happy to see you sitting like that in your chair, and your look to the camera, it's a good one.You are aware now, and as said Nina Bagley who had this word in her head for the beginning of the year, NASCENT. Sure it is YOUR word too for this year.