Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Ada's world

Ada's world, according to Ada, only exist on her right side. She does not know she had the whole other side too. It is the combination of a severe damage to the right side of the brain and, I think, because during the period of 5 month with a missing piece of her skull, we cannot turn her or lay her down on the left side. The way that we help her is to approach her on the left side. We rearrange the room so that everyone will come in to the room from her left. Little by little, she will recognize her left side as well, we hope.
Ada's world, according to her therapist, only Ada will dictate what she wants to do and how she does it. She does not take command. If you ask her to do something, and she did, she won't do it again. You have to predict how she will react to certain things and try to get ahead of her. Connie is good at that, she knows Ada so well, I want to take her home with us. After all she is an expert with brain injury patient. Me, I don't fuss with Ada,I don't pick fight with her, not my job, and I just give in too easily. Because....
Ada's world, according to mom, is all about Ada. All I have to do is to love her. Forget about about the past, don't worry about the future, just be thankful that she is here with me.


Anonymous said...

Ada' world, according to us, is filled with love and faith. Since it began nearly a year ago, Ada has been coming out to us gracefully, beautifully and very slowly. Like a rose that takes time to develop from a tiny bud, and opens one petal at a time. Nourished with the greatest love of all, she will bloom.

Ada's world, according to us, is clearly shown in her eyes. The look in her latest photo tells us all. She will make it. We believe in her.

Anonymous said...

Ada's awareness is nothing short of a miracle.

I remember when Ponsawan shared those first grim days almost a year ago, when the doctors had little hope.