Monday, March 9, 2009

Ada & Company

Pretty in pink, Ada and Macy. Macy took time off from her busy schedule to visit Ada. She was very happy to see her friend. They both look adorable, don't they. Ada laughed and made faces while I was talking to Macy. We both agreed that she must understood everything we said.

Ada and her nurse, Valarie, who help me take care of Ada everyday. Valarie comes twice a day for 2 hour to help getting Ada goes through her daily routine. Val's hardest job is to brush Ada's teeth. Job that I cannot do. We also work together to get Ada on the standing frame and walker. On the good day, I can get Ada on the standing frame by myself, on the not so good day, it took both of us and our strength get Ada on the standing frame, but at the end, Val always win because she won't give up easily like me.
After shower and Price is Right, both of them sit down and watch Young and the Restless together while I take a break or go do some errand.

Here's Ada with dad. She gives him special treat like gives him high-five and a kiss.

Here's Ada near the beautiful water fountain in front of the Indianapolis Museum of Art.
We found a perfect spot under a balcony, away from the traffic. It was a nice and warm day, so I sat her down on the bench that's over look the garden. She later laid down, put her head on my lap and took a long nap. This was the first time I took her out by myself. She must have known. She made it easy for me to transfer her in and out of the car and sat very nicely while I push her around the Museum ground.
Here's the small area with a bronze sculpture and water fountain. She went around by herself using her right foot to push the wheelchair. It is nice to be in the sun after a long winter.
I took her to Sawasdee restaurant after we left the museum. Ning and Ty haven't seen her for a year. Ada was happy and smiled at everybody.
Today, Rachael and Ryan came by and we went to Naked Tchopstix for some Sushi, hoping to convince Ada to start eating again. She loves food and loves to eat.
For me, I got a lot of hugs from her lately. She would grab my arm and pulls me closer, and gives me a hug.


WonderfulWire said...

What a wonderful update! What wonderful photos and insight into her tremendous progress. Thank you so much!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing those precious moments with us Ponsawan.

I can hear your voice in those words, everytime you write. It is so gentle, full of love and full of grace.

I haven't seen Ada's Dad for a very long time. Seeing his face next to Ada's draws me to tears. She loves him dearly, doesn't she? I now realise how much Dad has contributed to Ada's strength. He is a quiet power behind her.

Ada, my angle, you have got the most wonderful mom and dad. Please carry on. I love you.

cu#1835024 said...

This post is tremendous. People who are waiting to visit Ada will now stop by. I look forward to more photos.

Ada, you are amazingly strong.


Melanie said...

Ada looks wonderful....I love the picture of her and her father... :) Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers...Blessings~Melanie:)

Anonymous said...

Macy and Ada look sooo pretty in pink! (Didn't you mention that Ada wasn't too fussy about pink?). She looks great in it!

It totally makes my day when I come here and see new posts on Ada's progress. Yay!!!

Anonymous said...


The photos are wonderful! I love the one with Macy. They look so happy the old days. She is definitely moving forward in giant steps. You are an inspiration, Ada. Keep moving forward!

Ponsawani, your words are always full of strength, patience and love. "All we need is love!" How true. Love heals and comfort and Ada is letting you know that. Stay strong, Ponsawani the healing will be at a larger scale than you or anyone ever imagined!

Valerie is a champion and I am glad you complement each other.

Keep going to her favorite restaurant! One of these days she will re-learn to eat on her own and will bring tears to our eyes as she does what we all take for granted!

Love and hugs always............

MoeArt said...

Great pix, Pons! xoxo, moe

cbarniak said...

I love the pic where she's chillin with her foot up. That's Ada.

So, Im moving in May, back south, and Im going to need to see you all again. Can we plan a mini adventure? Id like to join you next time you both go cause some nap-town trouble.

Love you.