Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Her Private Limo

Not quite cozy as a luxury Limousin, but it is very comfortable and cost so much more per ride than renting a Limo. I am talking about the Ambulance. The red or green or white big box car that comes here to pick up Ada. She still has to go back and forth to the hospital or doctor appointment. Some EMT personals had become familiar faces and become friends. They take extra time and extra care to make sure that Ada gets the smoothest ambulance ride any girl could ask for.
Next Tuesday, Ada will go back to Orthopedic Clinic for her Botox injection. Being young and already beautiful, You wouldn't think she will needs Botox this early. Botox is known to help relax muscle, so she will get the injection into her arms, feet and her neck. All the limps became too contracted and twisted in the way that she might not be able to walk, when she can walk, or use her arms when she can reach for something. By relaxing the muscle, we will be able to maintain her flexibility, stretch and exercise her arms and legs.
Ada has been really calm and spend a lot of time sleeping. She does not need any pain medicine like before. I know that the cast on her foot was the major source of pain. She sleeps well and so do I.


Anonymous said...

To our favorite Ambulance Crew,

Ponsawan and I can't thank you enough for taking such good care of Ada and us. Every time we are in your care we realize how fortunate we all are. You are very tender with Ada as if she were your own. It's people like yourselves that help Ada's family cope with each new day.

See you soon,

Ting said...

My dear Ponsawan,
Thanks for sharing the news about Ada. It's always moving to read, but it's necessary for my daily prayer.
I have asked spiritual healers whom I know through my spiritual friend to have Ada in their prayers.
I wish you a safe and smooth journey to Thailand. I hope you make the most of family gathering and reunion with old folks. Please pass my love and thanks to Yui, our dear friend and the best travel companion you could ask for.

Rachel said...

I read you blog everyday, new update or not. I wish Ada gets well soon.

Best wishes from a complete stranger. *hugs*