Thursday, May 8, 2008

Don't worry, it just a broken ankle

That's what everyone told me when I asked whether they will fix her broken ankle. She still has her ankle in cast 9 weeks after the accident. Ada is the first one in the family who broke any bone in her body. All of my 3 kids played sport while they were young, but never a broken bone. This broken ankle turn to be a pain in the rear end. I am sure she is hurt, itchy, annoying and angry because she always kicking her leg as if she wants to get rid of it. I painted on her casts, just so I don't have to be angry every time I look at it.

The latest pink one, I dedicated it to my dear friend who always be there for me when I want a shoulder to cry on. Yes, I do cry, occasionally, but not in front of Ada.

I bought 2 night gowns for Ada and had it split on the back. Since then Ada has a closet full of pretty night gowns. Ardis is having fun shopping for a girl, buying pink water melon gown.

Everyone at the American Village is so happy to see Ada. They gave me a hug and I give them a bowl of candy. The trach hole is healing well. She starts making noise from her throat. I told the Speech Therapist who comes in and works with Ada everyday to teach her to say "Ma-ma", but I wouldn't be surprise if she say "Da-da" first.

Ada's right arm is so active, she moves it up and down and start grabbing on to the nurse while they are feeding her. Her right leg (with the cast) is also very active too. Oh, and she will let you know if she needs change. She also shows many expression through her face and her eyes. I can tell that she is happy to see me and gets angry when I try to clean her teeth.

With all the right combination of medicine she is taking, Ada seem happy and more relax. I hope without the cast on her leg, she will be able to focus and work on more basic skill so she will be able to communicate with us. The cast will be out tomorrow,I hope I don't have to yell at anybody.

P.S. Here is the picture of the first cast I painted with the help of Care bear.


Anonymous said...

Wow ... you have no idea how your sharing about Ada is impacting the lives of so many people that are praying, watching, monitoring, and thinking about Ada's blog.
THANK YOU for sharing ... I wish I could respond everyday.

Charin said...

My dear Ponsawan,
You did a marvellous job painting on Ada's cast. You turned frustrating situations into real fine art, into a channel to express your soul, your love to Ada and your appreciation of a beautiful, special friendship. I feel privileged to see them. Thank you Ponsawan.
And I do feel for you, for each day you are going through is still for from easy. And that's why I am praying for you and Ada every day. I am glad you cry, and that you have a shoulder to cry upon, for that will give you even more strength and perseverence.
It's Mother's Day this Sunday. Reading this blog today I congratulate Ada for having the greatest mother I have ever known, the mother who never stops loving and giving, the mother who also loves and gives to people around her, the mother who has instigated the best mother in us all.
I also congratulate Ada for having Ardis whose heart and soul is only second to her mother's.
I am very sure that when Ada has a family of her own, she will be a great mother like you two.
Happy Mother's Day my dear Ponsawan.
Happy Mother's Day Ardis.

Anonymous said...

I don't know Chinese, but I have am told that the Chinese character for "crisis" can also read, or mean "opportunity". Ponsawan has turned this crisis into many opportunities. Those who have followed this blog would agree with me.

Steph said...

Dear Ponsawan, I know you through your beautiful polymer clay beads and jewelery... I don't know you personally, but still your story breaks my heart ... I want you to know that somewhere in Belgium someone you don't know is thinking about you and Ada ... I hope she will get better and better ... Take Care...

Anonymous said...

To My Dear Friend,
As I read your latest entry you were standing across Ada's room from me. I really had no words to tell you how deeply touched I was to read your kind words and thoughts. You are an a amazing friend to me and others. In the face of all this adversity you thinking of me is a continuing source of strength for me on a daily basis. Ada and I will be working hard while you are with your family and friends in Thailand...I am humbled beyond words that you have placed her in my care. Thank you for sharing her with are very generous. I can't wait for the day I can buy her something more than nightgowns...we will celebrate with a shopping spree for Ada
I wish for you a peaceful Mother's Day with all your children. You are and always will be a very dear friend to me.

kimequa said...

I will be coming next weekend, hopefully Sunday and Monday evenings (mattering on if I can get the car!)

I can't wait to see Ada again. If there is anything I can bring for Ada or the rest of your family, please let me know.

Anything from Houston?