Friday, May 16, 2008

I feel like I know her

I've been writing little updates about Ada in my classroom newsletter for my first grader's parents to read. Each blurb comes with a different picture of Ada is easily found on the facebook account Ada for President and her own profile. Of course any college shenanigans had been cut out...leaving only lovely Ada. Hearing someone who has kept up to date on Ada by reading my blurbs say that…is a great thing to hear.
Over the past few months, I have had the honor to sit with, talk with, read to, sing to, sleep with and watch movies with Ada. I have been able to watch her progress through the ICU and into American Villages. I've talked with nurses, listened to therapists and tried to figure out what the heck that doctor guy is talking about.
I've kept as up to date as possible so that others who are not able to visit can know that Ada is Ada is Ada. I'm with her not because of a job….I am NOT a babysitter…but because she is Ada and this is something Ada would have done for anyone else.
Random memories go through your head while in Ada's room….
Chinese class: "Hey Ada"
"Hey Abby"
…..nap time
Talking about the boys that would become prom dates and boyfriends.
Creating choreography with George for Encores and then fighting with our group to just, "watch, it's not that hard"
Girl Scouts
Church at the ECC
Mario cart at John's
Midnight squid cooking…at John's
Deciding to live together…looking for houses and stepping knee deep in snow.
Ballet class
Going to "Rocky Horror"
The house at Highland and Atwater
…….There's just too many.
In the weeks, months and years to come there will be many more memories.
I'm not claiming to be her bestest buddy. As years went on after sophomore year, life happened and a random visit or dinner was what we could get. We were supposed to get together before she went to France. And then we had to push that off until she got back. She's on my list of bridesmaids.
What I am saying is…
Ada is that friend that can walk in and out of your life---but always be in your life. And I'm just tying to make sure that at this moment she is in my life. --
Dear Abby, during the first 3 weeks that Ada was in Critical care unit, I could count on you to be in the room with Ada while I took the break. We were told not to use the cell phone but you manage to sent text messages to everybody. Remember one night when Ada's finger tips were turning grey and the nurse told us that it was because of the medication they gave her and it should be change, otherwise the fingers could fall off. You and I took Ada's hands which were icy cold and we keep rubbing and rubbing until they turn to normal. Remember staring at the monitor, watching the pink number go up and down. At 3 am. almost everyday for 2 weeks, when the number went over 20, it beeped and the nurse would ran into the room and kicked us out. Remember the first time when Ada squeezed your hand and you almost faint. Abby, you always there for Ada and me. I have never thank you enough. Thank you for being such a good friend.


Anonymous said...

As a teacher and friend you know the benefits a child has in forming forming friendships that last a lifetime. The kind that is still a constant in your life even when your lives take different paths. Your energy to organize a 1000 cranes for Ada kept many people busy and involved in Ada's progress in ICU. Giving people a feeling they were taking part even if they could not be with Ada. Ada has many friends new and old and she treasured them all but it is friends like you that show what friendship is all about


Macey said...

"Ada is that friend that can walk in and out of your life---but always be in your life. And I'm just tying to make sure that at this moment she is in my life. --"

Perfectly said.
Ada always brought everyone together. She always will.