Tuesday, May 27, 2008

If I could save time in a bottle

I had a great time in Phuket with my friends. Just eat, sleep, talk and laugh. We barely went to the beach, except on one evening to watch the most beautiful sunset. Nithi is a wonderful host. He owns the island by the way. (Some day)
I had save many wonderful memories, lots of love and friendship in the bottle. Best of all, I had saved enough laugh to last for a year.
Thanks Ardis for taking care of Ada while I am gone. The funeral will be held this Thursday and I will be home next Tuesday. More details and pictures to share.


Macey said...
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Macey said...

I am so glad that you are having a spectacular time. I am anxious to hear about all your adventures when you return.

Anonymous said...

May your memories and the laughter you shared with friends be with you always.Your words brings smiles to our faces and warms our hearts that this trip has been all you hoped it would be. Ada would have wanted no less for you.

Hugs to you and Yui,

Ting said...

My dear Ponsawan,
I truly believe that one day, you and Ada will be walking hand in hand on the beach in Phuket and you will be telling her about these wonderful times you have saved to share with her.
One day, I trust it with all my heart, this will happen.
I am sorry I could not attend your father's funeral and hope it goes well.
Have a safe journey back.