Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Two Days With Ada

I know many of you are waiting for some news about how Ada is doing so far this week. Well, as usual the best laid plans don't always work out. Sunday was suppose to be a day for Ponsawan and Ada to have some quiet time together along with the rest of the family but late afternoon Ada's feeding tube became clogged and she had to be taken into the ER in hopes they could perform a little magic and unclog the tube with a Clog Zapper. It didn't work so Ada had to stay the night and have a new tube inserted...she did very well and so did Mom. Ponsawan left yesterday morning and should be arriving to her destination in Thailand during our Tues. afternoon. She is so looking forward to seeing everyone there and spending time with Yui.
Today Ada took another limo (ambulance ride) with some of her favorite drivers to get her Botox treatment...she came through all of it just fine and we should know in a few days if this procedure will be successful.
Ada will have a couple of days off and then she has another doc. appt. on Fri so we get to ride in the limo again. One of these days maybe for fun and mischief they will turn on the lights and siren. She is a Diva, you know.

Ada is doing well considering all the doctor and ER visits. She continues to try and reach for things with her right arm. This movement seems very deliberate and despite missing the item she wants... many times she keeps at it till she is satisfied with her attempt to grab the "prize".
I told her today Dad can't give her a workout tonight because of the Botox injections..she seemed relieved!! Last night the Silapiruti men came into be with her. The brothers enjoy teasing her and trying out new ideas to get a reaction out of her. But sometimes she does something that gets a reaction out of THEM which always gets everyone laughing. Ada has been quiet and a bit unhappy this past week but we have to remember everyone has bad days. Today though while waiting in the surgery room I saw a big difference. Yesterday was chaotic and she knew Mom was gone ...but today she seems resolved to put up with me for awhile. Let's just say we are settling in. Probably she 's a bit worried how a mother of two sons is going to know how to take care of a girl. She doesn't realize that I have had a good teacher...Ponsawan. She also has to put up with a blond "mom" who doesn't speak Thai. The only real problem Ada and I will be having is finding the time to work on our tans with Care Bear considering all the limo rides she has to take. The staff here at American Village continues to exceed our expectations as to the quality of care she receives. It is a testament to them that Ponsawan decided to make this trip to her homeland.

The next couple of days should be quiet and it will give the therapists time to work with Ada. So if you plan on visiting please call first the best time would be after 2:00 and before 8:00 for visiting. A cell # is listed here on the blog some of you have my personal # which is fine to call also. Ada and I do need our beauty sleep. Well...me more than her unfortunately they used all the Botox on Ada's limbs today none left over for me. It is suppose to be nice weather this weekend so maybe we will get outside and do some Indy 500 racing in the wheelchair.

A side note:
From the bottom of my heart I want to first thank Ada's parents for trusting me with Ada's care. It is an awesome responsibility that I don't take lightly. When I am asked to sign medical papers I do so as if she were my own. Also I want to thank friends who have started to pitch in with meals for me etc. if not I would have to either hook myself up to Ada's feeding bag or eat with the residents and their food might be a little too bland for me. It means the world to me to know I have such good friends who worry about me and pray for Ada
Last but not least thanks to all who read this blog from all over the world. I hope it gives you some insight and comfort to know what is taking place here in Indianapolis. I know you want to be here for Ada and her family, your comments sustain Ponsawan everyday.


Anonymous said...

Each day I look forward to reading this blog. I appreciate the updates on Ada and Ponsawan. Knowing the Mom, I feel that I know the daughter. She seems to be bringing out the best of us.
God be with you.
Joyce :)

Ting said...

My dear Ardis,
I have just spoken to Ponsawan and Yui, who were having authentic Southern Thai lunch in a restaurant overlooking the clear blue sky and turquoise water, in a company of very close friends. They sounded as bright as the sun over the Andaman Sea. During our phone conversation, I overheard a lot of laughters and comments on how delicious and how hot the dishes were. I am glad they have arrived safe and sound in thier homeland.
As always, your contributions to Ada's Blog are most informative and comforting. Thank you for sharing your two days with Ada with us. Every word your wrote paints hundreds of pictures and fills our hearts with hope and faith.
Ada seems to have transformed many people around her, from loving women into caring angels.
Enjoy your private time with her.
Please give Ada a gentle kiss for me.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ting
Ada and I too heard from Ponsawan but your description of her surroundings and food made me feel as if I was with them. Ada is very aware of her mother's voice and even though we look forward to hearing her gentle laugh and warm voice we want Ponsawan to relax in the warmth of Thailand. Ponsawan talked about how much she was looking forward to "real" Thai food. As always many thanks for your kind words. They give me comfort especially when Ada is having one of those nights when she wants to party and I want to sleep. LOL


Anonymous said...

I was saddened that I did not have an opportunity to see Ada this visit, but was glad that they fixed her feeding tube!! Please update as much as possible, as it means a LOT to all of us who are not there on a daily basis to check in on our girl ourselves ;)

Thank you all so much for caring for Ada and providing her with much-needed love and support on a daily basis. Love does much. I don't think we'll ever know how many amazing little (and big) things Love does for us. Keep on Loving. It is the best gift.

steffie said...

I just want to extend my thanks for updating so frequently with news on Ada's recovery. I'm out in New York with no possible way of visiting and I check this blog a few times every week just to see how our girl is doing! Ada and I were never the best of friends, but like many people here, we crossed paths several times throughout high school and college (including a year of living together, though rarely seeing one another) and I know she's an amazing girl!
So again, thank you.

Frances said...


Thank you for the updates...with Ponswawan being away, I missed our daily e-mails. It takes a while to connect without Mom there, but I am sure your patience and kindness will go a long way for Ada to get used to you.

THANK YOU.....A big hug, Frances