Sunday, May 18, 2008

Dear Mom and Friend

We wanted you to know that we wish you a safe trip and even though you will be greatly missed we will work hard as a team and keep each other company. We want you to get lots of rest, eat good food, sit on the beach and watch sunsets, but most of all be in the company of old friends and family who love you dearly. Give them lots of hugs from Ada. Ada, Ardis, and Care Bear plan to work on our tans, watch movies, tell each other all our secrets, and read. Send us some pics. and we will too. Thanks Yui for taking care of Mom and being with her on this journey home. Don't worry we are in good hands (each others)!!
We love you,
The Three of Us


CU# 1835024 said...

I promise to you that your precious Mom will be back soon with her full tank of energy and strenght. We will think of you every moment of the day.

Dear Friends,

You are beyond my personal expectation and first-hand understanding on human love and connection.

I am glad I saw your words before leaving this morning. You are miracle makers. You are "love" in all shapes and forms.

We will send photos. Ting in Melbourne has also specifically asked that. Kao, our host in Phuket, is a talented photographer. You will love his work; I guarantee it.

Highest Regards and Affection,

Frances said...


Have a safe trip...and yes, bring Ponswawan back full of energy and strength...