Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sunny Days

As I had predicted the Memorial Day weekend was sunny and warm so Ada and Care Bear eagerly went out in the sunshine to start working on their summer tans. We took in the sights on the lake. There are very tame geese, ducks and one large swan named George that Ada got to know. Kyle went fishing and caught some bass but he is a kind fisherman and after getting them off the hook... back they go into the lake. Care Bear particularly was happy about that. Macey and her mother came for a visit as did Marisa and Abby. But probably her favorite visitor was her seven month old cousin Eliana. They really had a good time checking each other out.
Ada is doing well. She is having ankle surgery Tues. and hopefully that ankle will be on the road to recovery. She is a great roommate...Ada allows me full access to the bathroom, she never complains about my choice of music or movies, I get control of the remote and unlike her mother she doesn't snore!! She has managed to put up with me but I know she misses Mom . Ponsawan calls daily and yes Ting, she is in Bangkok visiting more friends and family. This will be a week of joy and sorrow for her but as I told her she will always be their little girl and they will live on in her heart. When Ponsawan calls I put the phone to Ada's ear and even in a deep sleep she wakes up and turns her head to the sound of her mother' voice. She knows her mother is always close... and of course when Dad enters the room to see her she also knows she is going to have her work cut out because he likes to exercise her arms and work on her stiff neck. Thanks again for all your sweet thoughts...they too sustain me. Love, Ardis


Ting said...

My dear Ada, Ardis and Care Bear,
I can enjoy the sunndy days by the lake with you, because of your description and because I have checked out the American village on their website.
My special wishes to Ada for her ankle surgery. I hope it makes her ankle feel more comfortable. I can't wait for the day they remove the cast.

Rachel said...

Hi Adris, Ada and Care bear,

I hope you all are fine. I send my prayer to you daily.

Adris, I hope Ada got her ice cream. It's a charm, in a meaning of something carrying good wishes and 'holy' protection. I think in Thai the word 'charm' has the kind of meaning. I wish I can do something useful for you all....

With kind regards,
Rachel :)

kimequa said...

Did Ada have her ankle surgery yesterday? How did it go?

*sending positive thoughts*