Sunday, May 4, 2008

With Love, RN - A6S Methodist Hospital

I received a card from one of the nurse who took care of Ada last week. No surprise that a girl who cannot talk, or barely respond to anyone, just laying there mind her own business, had make so much impact on everybody life. It said "Ada is a beautiful and truly special young woman and I wish I could have known her the way you do. I hope that we can each learn from who Ada was, is and will be in the future."
All the staff at Methodist had been great, but the nurse at A6S wing were extra special. " I need to change my girl, can you help?", that's what I heard one nurse talking to another. They took pride in making sure the patients get turn properly to prevent bedsore.
Oh, yes, she is a special girl. Can't you tell.
We will be back to the village tomorrow, for sure. She gets the right medicine and she looks very happy today. I move her bed near the window, so she can get the afternoon sun.
Good news is I got a chance to clay and make some beautiful buttons and also prepare some articles to send to the magazine.
Thanks Amber, Doris, Emily, Heather, Judy, Kristen, Michelle and many others.

Here's is the message for Dr. Jordan Jude, the Neuro Surgeon:
Hey, Jude, don't make it bad
Take a sad song and make it better
Remember to ler her (ADA) in to your heart
Then you can start to make it better (for her)
We will contact Dr. Jude to have him put the flap back to ada"s skull in June after I come back from Thailand.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ponsawan,
I am glad you now have a chance to make clay and write. It's theraputic for you. You do both very beautifully. My love and best wishes to you and Ada.

CU# 1835024 said...


You sure are a classic example of grace under fire.

This posting impresses me how much self control you possess despite all the stressful circumstances. Ada is very lucky to have a mother like you.

These two weeks before our trip will be very hectic for both of us. I am thinking of you everyday. I have faith that with friends' support we can handle all things that come our way and then some.


Ting said...

Hi Ponsawan,
I hope that Ada has now settled well at the American Village and continued to progress in her recovery. I hope that by now she is out on a wheelchair to enjoy spring sun by the lake, watching daffodil and freesia blooming and listening to soothing sounds of birds.
Soon you will be going to Thailand for your father's cremation. With our dear friend Ardis watching over Ada, I believe you can travel with peace of mind. I hope you have a safe and rejuvinating trip. Family and friends will open their arms to welcome you and give you all thier love and support. How I wish I were among them to see you and hug you!
Take care