Friday, May 23, 2008

A Wow Day !!

Before I begin to share some news with you all. I want to first say that with all my heart I was blessed today to be the one to tell Ponsawan and Terry that their prayers, wishes and faith in Karma had come true. Ada had an appointment today with her neuro doctor. His name is Dr. Jude and for those who read this blog you may have seen his name. To make along story short he said that Ada had risen to a level that exceeded their expectations. We discussed a few things and then with a little coaxing from me he made a call to the best rehabilitation hospital in the state to have Ada evaluated. This is huge and what the family has been hoping for since Ada left the hospital. It does not mean that she is ready to go there but what it does mean is that she's going to be under their umbrella and if Ada makes the kind of progress she has been making she will get there. On Tues of next week she is going to have minor surgery to remove the pins in her ankle... they are causing her discomfort and since the Botox injection did not help her injured ankle the new ortho doc will also be lengthening a ligament so her ankle can be straightened. Ada will be wearing a new cast so I would expect Ponsawan to paint a beautiful picture... maybe the beaches of Phuket! The Botox injections are working in the other places that were injected. Ada has started to raise her head more often as if she is ready to get up and out of the room. We will be doing that today since the weekend weather is suppose to be warm and sunny.

Today after the doctor walked out of the room I shed a few tears and thought about Ponsawan and Terry. I thought about how for twelve weeks they have heard so much bad news. I don't want in anyway to minimize the news she was alive... but fighting for her life wasn't good. But what they heard for weeks in the hospital was very grim. Their belief in Ada sustained them and yesterday the news was great. I told myself that if it took all day I would not tell a soul until Ponsawan and Terry heard it first...fortunately in a couple of hours Ponsawan called while we were still in Ada's limo with her favorite drivers. She wanted to know if I had killed any docs and I laughed and said only with kindness. I then gave her the good news and told her it was due in part from all the good Karma from Thailand this week. It has been flying across the oceans to get here for Ada. I told Ponsawan to go and hug Yui for me and celebrate with friends.
I had not expected the day to go so well...not because we who have been around her hadn't seen progress but the fear that her doctor might not feel there had been enough...that was very real to me. One thing he did say was twelve weeks was not long for someone like Ada who had sustained much damage to begin to recover. That was the reality check we must all get used to...including Ada. You can sometimes see frustration and confusion come across her face... wanting to communicate somehow someway. I have been telling her all week we are working on it and this is not her problem it is we who have to find the key to unlock the communication. I hope calm soft voices soothe her for now because we will find a way.

Tonight Ada is resting and dreaming. Her dreams are of her mother... happy and smiling in Thailand, her father's gentle smile and kisses, and of how when she is able she is going to get back at Archie and Arthy for all their brotherly teasing. Tonight she is at peace. She has done her job for now. Ada has proven she has what it takes to make it.

Terry told me tonight that he had a new title for me... The Voice of Ada. I am humbled because I know if Ada could speak she would be advocating for herself one would need to.
I thanked him and told him I didn't kiss the Blarney Stone twenty-seven years ago for nothing!!

Hugs to all,


Frances said...

Dear Ada,

It was a great day yesterday! I knew it all along that there was hope. Dr. Jude had good news!

Your strength, perseverance, resilience, and determination are paying off!

Everyone around you is working hard and little by little it shows in all the improvements you have second, one minute and one day at a time!

But, you will recover consciousness... it is just a matter of when. Your family and friends surround you with love and positive energy right there and from far away. We are all here for you with love, faith and hope.

Love you always, Frances


Thank you for taking time from your busy days to share the little things and everything that surround the two of you! It helps us so much! It hurts so much being physically so far from the Silapiruti family. Thank you for letting us enter into your soul. Blessings and peace, Frances

kimequa said...


I think that is my overall comment today. :)

Good job, Ada!!!!!

I am almost finished reading My Stroke of Insight and have found it to be enriching. I'm really glad to be reading it. I have gone to 2 concerts in 2 days at the same club and the doorman gave me a hard time tonight because he kept catching me read the book when I was supposed to be paying attention to the bands. ;)

(Please, if you don't mind reading this to Ada?)

Ada, you are always on our minds and hearts, and we believe in you 100%. Girl, I cannot imagine how difficult things must feel, but like I told you that very first week after your accident: I promise you, you will get the hang of things again. I know it seems hard, but keep pushing. Let yourself rest when you need to and don't feel rushed on our behalf, but always remember, you CAN and WILL be able to do what you desire to do. If you feel weak, ask God for His help. If you feel scared, know that you are not alone. We may not understand everything that you are going through, but we are trying our best to support you in any way that we can. There are many of us who continually pray for you. Although we may not be there physically with you, our hearts remain with you moment by moment. Ada, I am so proud of you and cannot express how much joy I feel every time I hear of something new that you have learned to do. It makes me so happy to know that you continue to press forward and learn new things. We will all patiently wait for you, Ada---Although, we can't wait to see what a wonderful young woman you are becoming. I am so excited to get to re-meet you one day. But until then, please know that we are very aware that you are trying very very hard and we are SO proud of you.

With much Love and Admiration,
-Kim Davis

Ting said...

Dear Ada,

Being told how you lived your life before the accident, I belive you will never give up. There is so much more you would want to do in life ahead of you. Keep fighting, my angel. You have been and will always be in our hearts and at the centre of our prayers.

Dear Frances,

Dr Jill Bolte Taylor is indeed local to Indiana. I haven't read her text on recovery from brain damage, but her approach to it might help us understand Ada better and hopefully to communicate with her.
I can't contact Ponsawan this week. She must be with her family in Bangkok getting ready for her father's cremation. The rest of her friends who couldn't see her on the beach would be there for her.

Dear Ardis,

Thanks for sharing Ada's news and Dr Jude's assessment on Ada's progress with us. It's such a humbling experience, making me feel so grateful.

I believe in the energy of prayers and the power of love, I trust the knowledge and effectiveness of the medical profession and, like you all do, I have so much faith in Ada.

Thanks again and please take care.
With love from Ting