Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dear Mom

Care Bear and I wanted to let you know that I got a new cast today. The doctor showed Ardis how straight my ankle and foot are now and in a few weeks I will go back to get a new cast. Ardis told them to make it white so you would have a new "canvas" to paint on.
I think this new doctor is very kind and will do all he can to keep my arms and legs straight.

What I really wanted to tell you is how well I've been doing while you've been gone. I have missed you a lot but it helped when you called and talked to me..I always knew it was you , not Ardis trying to trick me!! She can't speak Thai! I'm so glad you felt comfortable leaving all of us. Ardis is a great substitute mom and she will work out fine when you can't be here but you still know how to take care of girls better...sorry Ardis.
We have kept very busy with doctor appointments, therapies, and visitors. I now sit up in my chair twice a day to help build up my neck and shoulder muscles. I get my hair washed three or four times a week...can't wait for you to help out when they do this. You will see how happy I am. The nurses have been great too they changed my feedings so that you and Ardis can get extra sleep and I won't miss any feedings while I go out for limo rides. Macey has gotten into law school in Bloomington...yeah! Abby has been working hard at her summer job and Cynthia has come by to show me Art books...I liked that. Dad, Archie, and Arthy always come at night and we have good visits. You know Arthy he is always checking out the candy that we give the nursing home staff....Archie makes sure I hear some good music from his Ipod. Dad and I went outside Sunday morning and had a good time watching the geese and the swan named George.

So WELCOME HOME MOM and always remember what you do for yourself helps me and those pesty little brothers of mine.

Ada and Care Bear


Anonymous said...

It is truly wonderful that God puts people in our lives when we need them. In reading the comments on Dear Ada, I am blessed by the love and generosity shown to Ada and her family. I continue to pray for Ada's healing.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Joyce (the poster above). Reading the Dear Ada blog is so very moving because it is about real life, real people and real love! I too am blessed to be a "witness" to the journey of all the people involved in Ada's recovery and healing.

I pray often for Ada and think of her a lot.

Sending much love,

Anonymous said...

Ada, I met you about a week ago. I am honard and blessed to have met you and going with you for a drive to an appointment at the hospital. My friend drove us in the green and white van. I saw your pictures. You where then and still are to this day a very beautiful young woman. You inspired me to never give up no matter what happens to me. I hope that I get to meet you again. I heard you "talk" to me though your eyes and it made me happy. I heard you talk to me in a way that no one else can hear or will ever know. Thank you for allowing me to meet you on that ride to Methodist, and think you for giving me hope and showing me the beauty of love

Vicki Crim said...

Dear Little Ada, I pray for you and your family daily. God is so good and I believe he answers prayer. I've asked others to pray for you as well. I'm Stephanie's mother. Steph was very disappointed that she was unable to visit with you when she was home recently. She and Sho tried, but you were gone to a doctor's appointment. Please have your family contact me if there is ever anything I can do. I'll continue to pray for you and to ask others to pray as well. May God be with you and your family. Love, Vicki Crim

Aunty Ting said...

You never cease to inspire and delight me with your messages and with the loving and caring responses you receive. This time it is particularly heartening to read how you have enchanted this gentle person who shared a ride with you to the Methodist. You find new friends everyday!

Congratulations to Macey for her law school entry. I was moved deeply when she called Ardis “Mother of so many”. I feel proud of her as much as I am proud of Abby and Cynthia.

And of course I am proud of you, for the startling progress you have made, and for just being you. You have been in everybody’s prayers. Have a lovely time with Mom, my angel.
Aunty Ting