Friday, June 20, 2008

Some day you will find, the Rainbow Connection

Yesterday, Mr. Ed Staubach, Ada' favorite Music teacher from Pike High School, brought a group of kids from New Augusta Public Academy to play some music for Ada and the residents of American Village. Ada enjoyed the music very much. She used to play violin and piano. The last song that they played was "Rainbow Connection", it was also the last song that Ada played with him in High School. It is also our favorite song that we used to sing along with Kermit, the frog. The song brought tears to my eyes and still does.
For all Ada's friends, I think it is time you guys come back to Ada's life. Please come back and make the connections, help her make the rainbow connection back to world, our world, her world. She is very alert and be able to recognize familiar faces and voices. A short visit will be fine, 5-10 min. for the most. You can come visit her, introduce yourself and tell her some fun things that you and Ada used to do together in the old day. Bring some old pictures with you and Ada.
Weekend is less busy for her. She will be on the chair from 10 to 12, then again from 2-4. We usually take her outside on the nice sunny day. We will stay inside at the sunroom on the groomy day.
Please come by, I also miss all of you. You guys are a big part of Ada's life before and will be in the future. Call me if you have any questions. (317)640-7096


Anonymous said...

Ponsawan and Ardis,

My name is Mike. I was one of the crew members that took Ada to RHI for her appointment. I just want to say how much Ada has touched my heart. I pray for her and all of you nightly. I will continue to look at the blog for updates on her condition. Please continue with your compassionate love and support and know that you have the love and support of many.

Anonymous said...

"We are all visitors to this time, this place, we are just passing through. our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love and then we return home."

DeMarcus said...

To Ada and her family,

I am DeMarcus Ware, me and your daughter/sister didn't have the type of friendship that some of her friends have. However, when you meet someone that has that infectious spark, that amazing breath taking smile, they stay cemented in your mind for an eternity. You never forget them or how much you loved being around them.

Ada is and will forever be a special person, she brings the best part out of any person she meets. I played football and she was a cheerleader, so I knew her as the beautiful cheerleading chick. But then I was able to meet her (we had a english class together), and see that spark, that drive, that desire for more. Many people become comfortable with a normal boring life, you knew that she was thinking of a far more greater life.

I will pray and pray and pray for more blessings to come into Ada's life and your family. I understand that knowone can understand the burden, pain, and sadness your family must feel right now. However, like many people before has likely said, you are not alone. In times of great adversity people come together to support and give strength to another. I am your new addition to the strength, and faith that was built on the friendship and love for Ada.

With extreme love,

Sgt. DeMarcus Ware

cu#1835024 said...


I love your gentle and beautiful way to reach out. I have not seen anyone as classy as you are for a long, long time.

Posts from Mike,and Sgt Ware are so invaluable. I don't know them but it is the utmost pleasure to feel their loving heart. After you and Ada's friends put all the pieces back toghether and Ada enjoy every word posted in her blog, we will celebrate our victorious fight together.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ada,
Your Mom has magic hands. She turns clay into beautiful jewelry. She describes events and feelings that capture people’s hearts. Of great value is that she does them with much simplicity and total sincerity. I am touched and thankful every time I read them.
I am glad you enjoyed seeing your old folks, listening to music and the favourite song they played for you. I hope they come to see you more often.
It is heartening to see new people coming on this blog, expressing their love and support for you and your Mom. Bless their hearts.
I will be away for three weeks with my family and will check this blog whenever I can to see how you go. Our first stop is Paris and I will think of you, I will pray that you come back to Paris as a healthy woman with your Mom, or the man you love.
All the best with your operation, my dear Ada. I look forward to hearing about your progress after the operation.
With much love.

The Beaded Soul and Mimi & Co. said...

Hi Ponswan, This is Garlinda. We only know one another through blog spot, though I have followed your work for at least 2 years. I love reading about Ada's progress. Praise God that you are able to forgive. I am so thankful for Ada'slife and for your strength and am believing God for a full recovery and restoration of your beautiful daughter. God bless you and your family and I love you. garlinda Price, The Beaded Soul.

cu# 1835024 said...

Today will be a busy day for Ponsawan. I hope you get helpful folks to provide you all information you need to make a good next move. It is July4th week and lots of State and Federal employees are taking this week off.

I pray God for his continuing help with Ada. Do not be despair, you are very special and things will work out for you.


zendegy said...

dear ponsawan,
i have never met you or your daughter, but have stumbled upon your story here in cyberspace. i suppose it was my interest in polymer clay that led me here. but it is your heart that really spoke to me and your lovely daughter's situation that prompts me to write.
i have no words of wisdom or of comfort. i don't know that there are any, really. you are a remarkable person, which is why you have such a special daughter. she is at once blessed and a blessing. i will keep you and ada in my heart and my thoughts. i don't think i can ever touch my clay again and not think of you. i add my prayers to those of the many others who know you or ada either in real life or in this electronic world.
your spirit touches many here and you teach us all so much about how to live. thank you.

CU# 1835024 said...

Dearest Ada,

Please reach out and encourage your mom. This month is getting tougher and she needs your and everyone's love and support especially now.

My prayer is always with you all.