Monday, June 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Ponsawan

Tuesday, June 10th. is Ponsawans' birthday. I won't tell you how old she will be because as most of you know already she is very young at heart. I have a couple of plans worked out for her to celebrate her day one involves being outside...if the weather doesn't cooperate we will go to plan B. and still get to plan A another day. I hope all who reads this will leave birthday messages for her... she enjoys reading all your comments. If you have a favorite memory pass it will keep that "old" brain of hers active remembering right along with you.


P.S. Ada is having a very restful day!


Di said...


Welcome Home!


Mucho Love and Hugs on your special day. Share one with Ada and Ardis for me please.

It'll probably be the weekend before I can get by to get my Ada fix but I'll be by as soon as I can.


ting said...

I hope you enjoy your birthday Ponsawan, with Ada and the boys, and Ardis and the new extended family that Ada has created. I and our architect classmates, wish you all the very best, all that you wish for, for this very special birthday.
How I wish I could be in Ada's room today to hug you and everybody and sing with them the Happy Birthday to you!!
With much love.

Nithi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! my dear Ponsawan,

On your special day a wish from us to say... may you have a day that's as wonderful as you.
We r so blessed 2 have a friend like you this comes with many loving thoughts.
May u be filled with joy and happiness on this special day & may the finest things in life always come ur way.
Happy Happy birthday!

Nithi & Noi

Scott said...

Birthday wishes to a wonderful friend!

Hoping the year ahead is filled with smiles, bright sunny days and magical nights. Lots of time at your art table and mountains of blueberry cheese cake would be good too.

Big hugs,

pasama said...

Happy Birthday to you!
I'm glad that you feel better and stronger as well as happier. May you stay that way. Please give Ada a kiss for me and a hello to all your men.

Susan Turney said...

Happy Birthday Ponsawan!
I'm so happy you were able to go to Thailand and meet up with old friends. I'm sure it was a bit of a rejuvenation. How lucky you all are to have Ardis in your lives.
May today and every day be filled with friends and joy and progress!

Rachel said...


ให้ 'ศิลาพิสุทธิ์' แกร่งด้วยแรงใจ

Wish you a happy birthday..... :)

F & M said...


Happy Birthday! May all your dreams come true...

Here are 51 suggestions for this special day:
Do something outside with Ada and the entire family like in the old days!
Create a master piece of jewelry
Write an inspiring article
Contact a long-time friend
Cherish your family
Deepen your soul
Believe in magic and miracles
Plant a seed
Watch the sunset
Do something fun and silly
Eat something you crave
Rejoice in living!
Feel you inner connection with all creatures
Write your feelings
Think of your place in the universe
Think of your favorite childhood memory
Slow down today...breathe attentively...breathe thoughtfully
See radiance
IMAGINE...just imagine
Dance your dreams awake
Think of your feminine trait
Trust that your life is unfolding as it should
Be hope-filled for the future
Be still
Know that you are
Be one with the universe
Awaken by the mysterious
Feel in your body the touch of the waves, the breeze, the sand of Phuket
Enjoy a moment of silence...treasure it!
Count your joys
Marvel at life
See the uniqueness of every shell
Feel connected with all life
Share your inner strength and peace with Ada
Wonder at the moon
Be curious about something
Visit your favorite local place
Listen for inner guidance
Ponder in balancing your life
Realize you are standing on a spinning are an integral part of it!
Envision your life in your 51st year!
Friends ALWAYS..................

Frances and Mike

Frances said...

Favorite quote from Ponsawani

When Ada reached 2 years of age, Ponsawan shared with me: I am enjoying Ada more than ever. Ada is in her terrific twos! It is so much fun to watch her grow and discover! I said: terrific? and Ponsawan said something like this: "Yes, this is such a fun age filled with curiosity, adventure, imagination, magic..It is sad that people called it the 'terrible' twos. I think they are terrific!!" Some things do not still think outside the box today with positivism. An since then, I always use the "terrific twos" phrase everytime I see a two year old!!!! Love, Frances

cbarniak said...

I just learned how to post a comment ALL BC I COULDNT STAND that I couldnt post "Happy Birthday!!"

I can wait to hear all about Thailand and turning 40 ;)

I love you like a better mother.


cu1835024 said...


You are so loved by all friends and even complete strangers. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Congratulations on a life well lived. Many happy returns.

You represent our country and our culture so beautifully. YOU make me proud.

Much Love,

Melanie said...

Dear Ponsawan....first "Happy Birthday" to you!...I hope your day is full of peace, love, hugs, and smiles...your pictures from Thailand are beautiful!...I can only imagine how peaceful sitting on the beach was...oh and what a magnificent and yours are always in my thoughts and prayers.....hugs, Melanie:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday P'Jim+
We will see you soon. I only made it half way to Indy on the weekend. We reached Seymour exit and were forced to get out as they shut down I-65 from Seymour to Greenwood due to flood. We stuck in the traffic for 2 1/2 hours and had to U-Turn back to Louisville. Eliana slept the whole time...
I promise I'll bring her back to visit you.
PS. Eliana has 7 teeth now.
R-Noy & Eliana Isaya Kelly

Macey said...

I didn't get on here yesterday, but wanted to leave you a message today!


I hope you had a special day.

Love and respect,

beadworx said...

a (belated) happy birthday dear ponsawan.

I send bunches of hugs and good thoughts and vibes for you and Ada.

thinking of you

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! and Welcome Back!

Hope you enjoy your day.


Sanit said...

Happy Birthday p'Jim :D
Wishing you with all the best, good health, happiness and lot of good things on your special day!
Glad you had a great time recharged your battery.

CU1835024 said...

Dearest Ponsawan,

How was you nap with Ada? You both look so peaceful. I love your new pink silk cover. You were so clever to bring it from Thailand for Ada this summer.

Much Love,

American Village said...

Happy belated birthday, Hope it was a peaceful day for you...

donnafugata said...

bahappy birthday ponsawan!you're a very great mom!