Monday, April 14, 2008

Visiting Ada

I would like to ask everyone who want to visit Ada to call me first. My phone number is 317-640-7096. The reason is that most residents of the village do not have as many visitors as Ada. I know she is a popular girl and everyone love her, but we have to respect other people too.
So I would like to ask that you plan your visit early and leave at 9.00 pm. so Ada can rest and have a quiet evening so she can have a good sleep. During the day, she will be busy with physical therapists who will work on her arms and legs and sit her up in a chair.
Also mom can rest too.
May be Saturday or Sunday is better.
Also I would like to thanks all the staffs at American Village for taking good care of Ada and we like to keep everyone happy, right? :) Bring some treats for the staffs if you want. Ada is in good hand and we are happy that they let Ada stay here. Until she can come home, this is her home.

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CU# 1835024 said...

I am glad you feel comfortable to communicate clearly what we need to do to help Ada and you.

Your guidelines seem simple and very considerate to other residents and staffs. I hope in the near future I can visit Ada and get to meet Ardis and other precious friends.