Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Care Basket for Ada

Hi, I am trying to get the Care basket for Ada and there are a few things that I need. May be you could help filling the basket when you come to visit Ada.
Here is the list of items that I need; Kleenex, Huggie baby Wipe, small bottle of baby Powder, small bottle of Lubriderm lotion, small bottle of Water (for mom), Biore' daily cleansing cloths, Air freshner, Candy and healthy snack for the staffs, Fresh cut flower
Now, don't bring a truck load of stuffs, we don't have much storage space. A box of tissue will be fine, so you can come often. We use Kleenex and the wipe to keep Ada clean.
Ada got a new cast on her right foot, some more new accessories for her arms and legs. She is making a small progress, a baby step at a time.
Care Bear
P.S. The care package can be send to:
Ada Silapiruti
co/American Village community
2026 E. 54th St., Indianapolis, IN 46220

The lake at American village. We will bring Ada out here soon to get some sun.


Sandi James said...

Ponsawan, I am glad to hear that Ada is making progress. I check this blog every day. I would like to send you a care basket. Please send me an address, asap. email is:

Prayers and thoughts always with you and yours,

Sandi (from PCC)

CU#1835024 said...

I just want to say Hi.

I think of you and Ada often and feel that things are quiet with no new posting.

I hope the weather is nice now in IN and you both are enjoying the lake and bright sun outside.

Will not forget you...ever.


Nena said...

Thanks for info Care Bear.
I'm thinking of Ada a lot and am sending her best regards and wishes for fast recovery.

Ting said...

Hi Care Bear, I looked up the American Village Indianapolis on their website the other day. Now I can imagine you, Ada and Mom in this lovely place. The environment, the buidings, the facilities and the staff look really good. I like the deck by the lake and hope that Ada can come out to enjoy it soon.
Thank you Care Bare for keeping us informed about Ada. We look forward to hearing from you or Mom everday, because we are excited by every small progress that Ada makes. We never stop thingking of her, and we never stop praying for her.

CU# 1835024 said...

Hello there Ponsawan.

I just want to include Nithi's words here for Ada. Kao speaks for us all.


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