Friday, April 4, 2008

Ready, get set....

Last morning at Methodist Hospital. I fell like home here after camp out for almost 5 weeks, but it is time to move on. Thanks for all doctors, nurses, therapists, custodians who had been taking good care of Ada. Everyone is so friendly and genuinely care about my daughter.
After all this time, we just learn about a best kept secret Pizza place down in the basement. Walking down the long hallway, turning left and right and left and right, some hallway looks like the scene from the movie "Shining", until the last turn and the aroma of the fresh baked pizza hit your nose. Ahhhh. Don't go alone though, you might get lost easily.
I will miss that cute Dr. Matthew who came to visit us at 7.00 am everyday. Both Ada and I always half sleep when he came. This morning I told Ada that it is her last chance to say"Hi" to him, but she just laid there like a "Sleeping Beauty" waiting for a kiss from her Prince Charming.
Then it was occurred to me that a couple days ago, she had problem with her pee-pee tube, so T.J., the nurse practitioner who took really good care of her told the nurse to put diaper on her instead. So, Ada is thinking ahead of us, by wearing "Depend", she is preparing herself to "blend-in" with those folks over 65 at American Village. (Sorry, Ada, you can hate me later for making fun of you:))


CU# 1835024 said...


I am glad you and Ada found your new place relaxing and accommodating. Thanks for your phone call yesterday.

I have emailed friends in Thailand the detail update and let them know that it might take you 3-4 days before you can update this blog again.

Our love, support and prayers are with you, Ada and your family every minute and everyday.


1835700 said...

My dear Ada,
I have now made 99 cranes, to top up the over 900 cranes that your Mom has got. Now we have at least 999 cranes that we set a goal for. Now we can make THE WISH ... even though we have been making this wish every day. With the effort of all people around the world who love you and your parents dearly, who have made these 1000 paper birds with one common, undivided attention, may you be soon healed in all aspects of life - physically, intellectually and emotionally.
My 99 birds will be flown from Melbourne to your home address as soon as I can get to the post office, hopefully today.
The 99 birds will come with two compact discs - Mozart's and other classical composers' music for the revitalising of your beautiful brain.
With love,
Aunt Ting