Monday, April 14, 2008

Love you loads

This message is kind of a continuation of the one that Kirsty wrote a few weeks ago. I (Marisa) did have the privilege of living with Ada spring semester of last year. That semester was just too much fun and just too short. I agree with Kirsty in that it was the best combination of people to live together. Ever!
One of my favorite moments that proved our camaraderie was one night I decided to study for my chemistry exam in the dining room. Shortly afterwards, Kirsty joined me to do a project for another class. Peter was in the living room (which is technically connected so can still be considered to be “studying with us”) doing a take-home math exam. Then Ada joined us to study for an exam for one of her classes. Under normal circumstances, the four of us were rarely in the same room together, nonetheless in the house at the same time. So we did take advantage of these rare moments. Having the four of us together and being around each other to just be around each other made me so happy and at peace. I love my roommates. Of course, true to John Olson’s earlier post, Ada didn’t study for very long (don’t worry, she still did well on the exam, of course!!) and decided she was hungry. The rest of us agreed and we ordered a pizza. However with the mass amounts of paper on both the dining room table and the table in the living room, we just ate the pizza on the floor. It was glorious.
Ada was my tv-watching buddy. As Kirsty earlier stated, she would always come home to find Ada watching either Family Guy or Robot Chicken. At least 7 times out of ten I would be with Ada. One time we took the small tv that Ada brought and put it in the sun room and then stole the dvd player from the tv room. We proceeded to spend the next few weeks in the sun room because of all the time we watched tv in the tv room, we decided to change scenery. There was even the time that we decided to watch the 5-hour BBC version of Pride and Prejudice in one sitting…on a whim. It was glorious. We never really talked. It was just so nice to have another body in the room, mindlessly watching the same thing you are.
Sadly, one semester is not enough time to spend with someone as amazing as Ada. I have three other great memories; however, kirsty already mentioned them. Alas, right now I’m in Sevilla, Spain and have no way for the next month to come and see Ada. But I have been praying for her and making cranes. I almost have a box filled and will send it to Kirsty asap so she can bring to Ada.
Also, note to Ada: a week before your accident, you wrote on my wall on facebook asking me how being in Spain was and you said that Angel was an amazing teacher and to tell him you said hey.
My response: Spain is amazing, I have sent you the mass e-mails….but I can always resend them later cause I’m sure you’ll have a lot of deleting to do when you finally have access to your e-mail. Alas, I don’t have Angel as a teacher, my roommate does though. I did have him as my guide in Italica (the roman ruins outside of Sevilla if you remember). On the subject of me saying hi for you. Well….it’s kind of complicated at this point. First I never see Angel, and when I do (I’ve been going over this a hundred times) I keep coming up with this scenario:
Marisa: (In Spanish) Hi Angel, my name is Marisa. I’m a friend of Ada Silapuruti who was here over a year ago. She mentioned how you were such an awesome teacher and wanted me to pass the message that she says hi
Angel: (also in Spanish) Oh of course. I remember her. How is she?
Marisa: (again in Spanish) she’s in a coma…
Angel: (Spanish awkward silence….actually not much difference than an English one, but you get the point)
I love you. I read this blog everyday to see how you were doing. I still pray for you loads. You know how it is with these Spaniards and their churches. And I’m making the cranes as well. I feel very blessed to have had this semester with you. Please keep getting better so we can continue on our wild and zany adventures. Or at least so we can watch another movie together.
love you loads!!
Marisa Tishner

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