Thursday, April 3, 2008

The First Time...

I saw Ada was last August and she was working at Naked Tchopstix. I was there having dinner with my two sons and some friends from Korea. I had been to Naked Tchopstix quite often and I knew most of the staff but over towards our table and I did something I never do...I said "Wow, what a beautiful girl I wonder when she started working here?" Ada came over to take our orders and very shyly looked up at us from that great hairstyle she has and as she walked away my son Kyle who had just been offered a job there said "I think I'm going to go to work here"and he did. Ada and Kyle became great friends. Among other things they shared a commonbond of growing up Asian in Indiana not always the easiest thing to do. Every time I saw Ada I liked her more....she has a soft way about her and as Kyle said "she's no phony, what you see is what you get."
Throughout the next few months Ada would come into our home and actually stopped long enough to talk to me or sit down and watch whatever I had on the tv. She was so sweet and genuine not like so many young people that feel that have to speak in order to get past me to get to see my sons. Many mothers can relate to that.
I looked forward to getting to know Ada better when she came home from Paris and during the last four weeks I have gotten to know her better if not from Ada herself from all her caring friends and family. I only knew the Ada that made my son I have had the honor to be by her side and try to take care of her family the way she would if she could.
Kyle had told me many times how much her parents and her brothers meant to her. Ada's parents know how determined and strong she is, so we will all be with her while she works at getting better. I am not a patient person but through Ada and her mother I am learning to have patience.
If anyone should ever wonder where Ada gets her is from her mother. There are no words to describe Ponsawans strength and resolve in the face of her worst nightmare. I wish with all my heart we didn't become friends because of this but it is a friendship that I will always treasure.
And since the first time I saw Ada and every time since... my thoughts are the same, "Wow, what a beautiful girl" and now I know Ada Silapiruti is beautiful inside and out.
posted by Ardis Hendrix


CU# 183524 said...


I love your beautiful writng. I feel privileged reading about your world of friendship and connection with Ada and Ponsawan. Thank you.

Despite a minor fact that we are complete stragers, you are so real and genuine to me.


Thank you for all humanity, beauty and inspiration you created and added to our lives.

Another bouquet is on its way. Have a better sleep tonight. Tell Ada we love her.


Macey said...

I have truly enjoyed getting to know you over this past month. You are one of the most helpful and genuine people I have met and your kindess inspires me.