Thursday, April 10, 2008

Ada's new home

Hello, this is Care Bear, again. We will take a tour of Ada's room at American Village. Mom gets the big couch at the corner where she sleeps every night. She can no longer sleep in the bed. The other side is Ada's bed with a special air mattress on it. There is a bed on the other side of the room but we pile a lot of stuff on there; linen, towel, diaper, baby wipe, and her accessories; leg braces, arm braces, hand braces, etc. Over the wall we put a note to remind the nurses not to roll her on to the left side. We also have a small refrigerator and a small TV. It is a nice size room. I am happy that Ada's here.
Mom took a picture of Ada sitting on the chair with me. She still looks pretty like before. For those of you who haven't had a chance to visit Ada and want to see the picture, send email to mom at and she will email the picture to you.
P.S. Some of you might have already known that Mom's father just passed away on Wednesday night. She is really sad because she can't go to Thailand right now, but she feels that it is necessary to stay with Ada at this point. Grandpa was almost 100 years old. He is in a better place now. Mom will go home later, next month, may be, for the funeral.


Melanie said...

Hi again Care Bear!...I was wondering when you were going to pop your head back in Ada's Blog! looks like Ada, Mom and you are all settled in.. :) I am so sorry about Mom's loss of her father...Please let her know that Ada and her whole family are in my daily thoughts and prayers...and to keep the Faith...God Bless You and Yours...Melanie:)

Anonymous said...

Hello Care Bear :)
I am praying daily for Ada! I believe in miracles and I am truly sure that Ada will get hers!! (((big hugs))).

Lilith d'nox said...
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Lilith d'nox said...

Jim & Family~

Oh, I'm so sorry Grandpa died :huggles:

I can only imagine the strain it is on Jim and you all. You guys are always in my thoughts!

I hear Ada is responding more to stimuli! Keep talking to her everyone, she will most likely hear you better now. I know it is said that many patients that have suffered strokes, and similar cranial injuries can be very much conscious and aware while their mobility and reaction are returning to normal. (Even if they seem unconscious or unable to move.) This means great things :D

I'm so glad you all have put this together. Please let me know if there is a preferred time to come visit you all. I can imagine it gets very lonely there in the room.

I love you all!!


CU# 1835024 said...

Care Bear,

What a lovely decoration! Thank you for all detail description. I can see you all well in my mind.

I am glad Care Bear has the heart bouquet behind you. You sure look good that way. I hope the roses still smell nice and the heart grows even bigger.

I look forward to traveling with your mom back home this May. There are so many friends and families who are waiting to see Ponsawan.

Care Bear, be the leader and show others how to take good care of Ada so Mom can come home. She needs to be there for her Dad without feeling guilty about leaving Ada for a brief while. Tell Ardis her great support is heart-warming and inspiring.

I believe in MIRACLES; they are happening in front of my eyes.

Hello Ada; Daniel said he would love to do your portrait. Mom should send him your photos soon. Then you can see for yourself whether Uncle Daniel's artwork is as good as your Mom said.

R Yui

Anonymous said...

Care Bear...this is a message for Yui,
I'm here because so many of you can't be...Ponsawan talks about you daily and I have seen pics of you and Uncle Daniels' work. When the time comes for the trip back home please know Care Bear and others will take good care of Ada as you and friends will care for Ponsawan and her family.
Thank you for all the kind thoughts.


1835700 said...

Hello Care Bear,
Tell Mom that I am worried about her because she doesn't sleep in bed. Please convince her to take care of herself. Between now and May, when mom plans to visit her big family, I believe that Ada will make good progress. Please pass my thanks to Ardis our new friend with a great and loving heart, for her support to mom and Ada. Thank you Care Bare for being there. Tell Ada and mom they are in our daily prayers.

Anonymous said...

Hello Care Bear! I am so glad that you are there with Ada all the time. I know that many times throughout Ada's life you have offered her much needed love, security, support, and counseling as a listening ear. Thank her father for adopting you into the family when Ada was just a baby! Ada has appreciated all of your love and friendship, and I'm sure she continues to appreciate it. It is also so nice of you to offer encouragement to all of Ada's family and friends as well. We cherish you, Care Bear. Keep up the good work!