Thursday, April 24, 2008

All night in ER

Ada is back in the hospital again. Last week she had some fever so she had a blood work done and they found that she had high white count. The nursing home quickly send her back to ER. Not enough evident that she was so sick, the young ER doctor send her back home because she did not high enough fever that they can keep her in the hospital. How high is too high? Well, she had 100.3 but 101 is a requirement. Ada is not a typical patient and she prove them wrong. On Tuesday night at 10 o'clock, her nurse took her temp and it was 89, 2 hours later she was perspiring like crazy. Her sweat dripped down and I cannot kept up with it. The nurse took the temp and it had gone up to 104. Immediately, we called the ambulance and took her back to ER. This time we took advantage and demand that she got full attention and the best care they can give her because they had realized that they made a big mistake sending her back on Friday. Amazing how they can call those big head Neuro doctors to come to see her because they had refused to see her before.
Now we are back in the 6th floor. I walked around and say hello to my old friends, all the nurses who took care of her and still thinking about her. I can't say that about the doctors, they seem to forget that she is still exist.
At first, they thought that she has some kind of infection from virus, but might not be that bad as they think. Ada, Ardis and I spend 15 hour in the ER. We both wrapped ourselves in big blankets, sitting and sleeping on the chairs. We were lucky that not only they can find the room for her, but also assigned the best doctor for Ada. You wouldn't believe how many doctors and specialists who had paraded into her room today (including someone from Neuro group).
Finally, the cervical collar that was on her neck for 8 weeks has been removed. Ada got her neck clean for the first time after the accident (imagine that).
We will stay at the hospital for a couple more day. Meanwhile, I know that our friend at American Village will miss Ada, but we will be back soon. We miss seeing them too.
This time, I hope, she will be discharged from the hospital in a proper way. With all the important informations she needs; medicaion, nutrition and list of the doctors names in case we need more help.

More information later, I need to catch up on my sleep, but Ada is fine for now.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ponsawan,
I am sorry Ada had to be back to the hospital again, and to hear about a mishap in such a serious circumstance. Medical professions try to make the best possible judgement, giving the best practice based on evidence and rules. Carers like nurses (and mothers) follow those rules but also use intuition (motherly instinct, you can say).
I am glad Ada is fine and hoping that she gets better so she can go back to be in a home environment at the American Village soon.
You have my best wishes.

Ting said...

Dearest Ponsawan,
I was worried when there was no news on Ada's blog for a few days. I am so sorry you and Ada had to spend the whole night in ER. At the same time I am so thankful to Ardis who has been with you all along and roughing it up with you.
I should expect a hiccup like this every now and than along Ada's journey to recovery. I believe you have the strength and positive attitude to cope with it. Plus, you have developed new friendship with wonderful people around you.
I'm glad that Ada is getting a proper attention. I hope she is well and discharged from the hospital soon. I am thinking of you and wishing you all the best. I am praying for Ada's best care and quick recovery.
With love from Ting

Anonymous said...

Dear Ada,
I have been thinking of you and your mother. I hope everything is going well at the hospital, and that you are well recovered. I hope you come 'home' to the American village soon. I hope that your mother is well and having enough rest. I hope to hear from her soon. Please take care.

Melanie said...

Ponsawan, I hope that Ada is well and back home where she is more comfortable and getting the care she needs...I also hope that you are taking care of yourself and getting some rest...keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers....Hugs, Melanie:)

CU# 1835024 said...

Dearest Ponsawan,

I hope Ada is resting well again. I am sorry to hear about the difficult night in ER. Ardis and you seem to do your very best in dealing with the obstacles in the health care system. I am glad you have lots of nurse friends who went out of their way to help you. I am so impressed to hear about the great care folks at American Village provide. They are serving people well beyond their call of duty.

I look forward to traveling with you in May. It must be very hard to make this important trip for your father and family in Bangkok. I realize that your presence at the ceremony is a must. Everyone knows that you have been and will always be there for Ada and your families both here and back home.

Keep your head up and have faith. Brighter days will come.


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