Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Ada, My Lactose-Intolereant Semi-vegan Roommate

(Posted by Kirsten Olson)

This time last year, Ada lived with me in Bloomington. That semester was magic. All of us living together in Rose House (Peter, Marisa, Ada, and me) fit with one another so well that it just seemed right we should be living together. Our fondness for each other was most expressed through our insults. No slander taboo, no pejorative too strong, and swear words were terms of endearment. I remember getting home from class to find Ada sitting on the couch watching Family Guy or Robot Chicken and greeting me with, “Uh, it’s you again?” I knew she was happy to see me.
These next few memories may seem somewhat non-sequiter, but they are some of my favorites from those few months. Ada, Marisa, and I were walking down the isle in Target, Ada and Marisa side-by-side with me trailing behind. Three times Ada and Marisa’s hands accidentally bumped, at which point Ada grabbed Marisa’s hand then they started skipping and shouting, “We’re in loooooove.”
Some of you may know that for a short time Ada tried to become a vegan. Apparently by vegan she meant not eating any animal products . . . except bacon. Marisa was frying bacon one Saturday morning when Ada (who had been awoken by the scent) came stumbling into the kitchen. She kept repeating, “You aren’t seeing this. This isn’t happening.” as she shoved slice after slice of bacon into her mouth. Marisa cooked bacon often. Needless to say Ada’s vegan phase was a short one. (Perhaps we should try frying bacon in her hospital room...)
Ada is lactose intolerant. Ada loves to eat. Ada loves to eat cheese. Ada is lactose intolerant. Unfortunately, her love and her body do not agree. Ada, being the hopeless romantic that she is, often would choose cheese with little regard to the consequences. Her roommates however also suffered from these consequences. Cheese makes Ada fart. A lot. Fortunately, they are not the smelly kind, or the loud kind, but the little-funny kind. Even if I wanted to, I could not count the times we were watching TV and Ada would fart, not once, not twice, but many times and with regularity. You could use them to keep time. With each fart, or more appropriately toot, we would snicker and tease her. Maybe that’s why Ada brought her own chair and usually sat in it. It was her tooting chair. Ada, your chair is still here and waiting for the next time you eat macaroni and cheese.


silvia said...

Dear Ponsawa, for the last 2 months, since I started learning about polymer clay, I I have visited your blogs and admired your work everytime I read you, you are truely an artist.
Today I visited again, and find the news about your daughter, it is our worst nightmare getting "that call" and sadly you did, and you have a right to be angry ! I would be too ! I sincerely pray your beautiful girl pulls trough and recovers soon, you have touched my heart today, you have written in words my feelings about my own son, they are amazing our kids, and they are strong too, just like we are, and one day soon enough your girl will get to read all your thoughts about her, and how special she is, not only to you, but to everyone that she has put light on their world by sharing her wonderful soul, God bless you all, and we will be's the least we can do for such a great person who has shared so much .

CU Friends #1835024 said...

Dearest Ponsawan,

It is the least we can do; your high school friends and we, your college friends have been active in fundraising. We continue our commitment to help with what we can so that the next minute, hour, and day can be a little easier on you and your beautiful family.

After all, it is you who showed us how to be caring and dedicated. In June 2005 you originated the very first fundraising event for our friend (who was seriously injured from a car accident) by auctioning your bead jewelry. You always care for others and immediately act to make things better. Ada has learned that well from you.

I think of you everyday and my friends always ask about Ada. I love Ada's picture you posted. Thank you.