Monday, March 31, 2008

Ada & Care Bear

Hi, this is Care Bear. Ada and I are best friend since she was born. Daddy bought me to see Ada when she was born, and we went home together.
I am playing dress up today. Mommy made me a costume so I can show you what Ada looks like. Since she is so unstylished and so unfashionable under the hospital gown, with half of her hair shaved off, I can show you what she looks like in a cuter way. First Ada has a cast on her right foot for the broken ankle. On the left leg she has to wear a cute, butterfly printed bootie which will help keep her foot at the right angle. This one she has to wear it off and on every 2 hours. Next is her right arm which she has to wear adjustable brace because she tightens her arm and bend it all the time. She is so strong and hold on tight to that arm. You can ask Abby about the arm-wrestling match between her and Ada. Next Ada has to wear collar for the trach, the grey foam with a hole so she can breath. Now there is an I-V tube that goes through her arm,feeding tube that goes through her stomach, and a tube for her pee-pee, but you get the picture.
Now, every afternoon, the nurses will put a black helmet on Ada and let her sit up on the chair. This help her to breath easier and change her position a little bit. All the nurses love Ada because she is so beautiful and daddy keeps bringing them food and candies.
Mommy is ok, she gets to go home everyday to do laundry, eat dinner and find some socks to wear. Those darn socks keep disappeared. She make her famous ankle bracelets and sell them to the nurses.
I'll come back and tell you more about Ada. Bye for now.
Care Bear


Melanie said...

Hi Care Bear...I am glad you are by Ada's side...I can only imagine how much she must love you!!...It sounds like Daddy is spoiling the nurses!!...Please whisper in Ada's ear that I am praying for her and all of her family....God Bless You!!...Melanie:)

Sanit said...

Dear p'Jim & p'Piak,
I've been following up your blog daily. It won't amazed me at all to see the strength from you and your family during this difficult time. It's such a great inspiration!
Ada is a fighther, I fully believe and hope she will be back on her feet, bring us her bright smile again soon. Beyond the support Ada got from her family, friends and people she's touched locally or from distance, I hope it will happen sooner.
I'm praying for Ada and bless for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Dear Care Bear,
A brilliant idea to have you tell us stories about Ada and her Mom and Dad and all her wonderful carers. You have done a terrific job is demonstrating what Ada is having on her body. Thank you heaps.
Please give Ada our love and good wishes, and tell Mom and Dad we love them too.

Nena said...

Oh hi Care Bear,
I'm glad that Ada is better. I'm thinking of her a lot.
Since I have a bear of my own I hope you two can do some nice magic.
Wishing you all the best.

CU# 1835024 said...

Hello Ada and Care Bare,

I love hearing from you. Thanks to your loving and vivid details, I feel that I am there in the room with you and your amazing mother.

I would not be surprised if all the nurses will flash their ankle braclets with pride. I got one and can't wait to wear it when the weather gets warmer.

Tell your mom, she is my Idol. I am so grateful for her strenght and unlimited creativity. She stands strong and so tall. I know you both will not yield to whatever this testing event brings to your life.

Na yui

PS: Your dad is always charming; that's how he could easily beat out dozens of competitors back during the college years. :) I am sure Achie and Arthy realize they posess that tremendous potential.

CU# 1835024 said...


Uncle Kao wrote you from his big heart. It is an honor that he represents all of us; CU family and friends. I got teary reading this. It is in Thai, so ask your Mom to read it over and over again. This is a different kind of lullaby; it will wake you up and heal your pain.

Na Yui

April 2, 2008


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หวัง - ภาวนา จากหัวใจ


เราจะ เดินไป... ข้างข้างกัน



Christie said...

Dear Care Bear,

Please tell Momma Ponsawan that we continue to marvel at what a remarkable woman she is. You were very lucky to be adopted into this family of strong, beautiful women like Ada and Ponsawan. Thank you for updating us.

cbarniak said...

Care bear, you are so cute. So lucky that Ada can still hold you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Care Bare,
I am glad Ada is now out of critical care. I wish Mom good luck in finding a good place for Ada to continue her journey to full recovery. Please tell Mom she is the best and bravest mother in the whole world. Ada knows that I am sure. Please give them many hugs and many kisses from me.

Rachel said...

Dear Care bear,

Please take a good care of Ada. I know you guys talk. Please give her a hug for me and tell her spring is waiting. I'm preparing her a double scoop ice cream.

Dear Ada's mom,
I hope I got correct addy.

Until then...


Anonymous said...

I recently had the chance to visit Ada, and Wow what a beautiful girl.My prayers are with you and may God continue to give you the strength to keep moving foward evry day.