Sunday, April 26, 2009

CF Workshop

This is the Steampunk Chameleon I made last week at CF Workshop. It was nice to have time to sit down and clay and having fun doing it. Thanks for PC Guild members who had spend countless hours getting this event going. Kathy, Lee Ann, Marian, I'm sure your husbands were glad to have you back.
I wish I could go to every classes to say hello, but since Ada was in the hospital, it is hard to leave her. Among people who came to the workshop; Melanie and her friend from Kentucky, Linda Weeks who I always want to meet, Rocky who came all the way from Colorado Spring. And, of course, Christi Friesen, the funniest and most generous person of all, I can't thank you enough for her time.
Many had donated their art works which we will try to get the auction going. Kathy was so overwhelm by all the items she had received, it will take a couple of weeks to get it going.
Ada is back to normal, I mean back to her sleeping pattern. During the hospital stay, we did not get much sleep during the night since someone always come in and take her vital sign or give her some medicine, Ada had been waking up every 2-3 hours and cannot go back to sleep. So mom did not get to sleep either.
First thing she did when we get home was giving us a big smile. We haven't seen that for 5 days. Her pain seems to be subsided and she is more calm, in a way. I do give her some Tylenol as needed. I think I can tell whether she is in pain or not comfortable or need something else.
The surgery is scheduled for Monday, May 4 th. Right now she is on Antibiotic. The doctor just want to make sure everything heal up before they go in and take those kidney stones out.
We went to see the Neurologist last week. While we were there, Ada was so irritated and restless. She shake the wheelchair, banging the chair to the table and try to get out of room. I asked the doctor if he think this is a behavior or she was in pain, he said, well, after the surgery she will not be in pain any more then we can say it is her behavior. Oh whatever. I remember begging Dr. Jude to tell me how I can take care of my daughter and he said the neurologist will be able to tell me what to do.
I think I will stop asking those stupid questions since no one seems to know what to expect from Ada. We just have to wait and see what she will do next.
Again, I would like to thanks for all the supports I get from everyone. I used to sing "You and me against the world" to Ada, but now I know that many have come along through the journey with us and we are not alone anymore.


Anonymous said...

My dear Ponsawan,

Congratulations for the success of the CF workshop. Bless those hearts who gave their time and work to help you and Ada.

I agree with you that health professionals don't seem to know much about the physical conditions they are expert in, and how to take care of someone who have them. They are very good and quick at suggesting a surgery, injection, giving medication and --out you go. Next patient please. I have been appalled by how unhelpful they are, from Ada's case and my own experience.

Ponsawan, you are the best healer for Ada. You know her better than the best brain specialists in the world. Although we still need those experts, you know best what to do then and now.

That's why Ada is gradually coming back to us. And you have the family, you have Ardis, you have us, standing by you. Ponsawan, please don't let those who think they have the power to cure wear you down.

Plese don't forget to take good care of yourself.

Good luck with Ada's surgery.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

Ditto to the comment before. You know best and do not let the doctors take away your hope and your desire to have an answer. They do not deserve it! Keep on working with Ada. Moms know best and at her own pace, she will continue to surprise us each day more and more.

I am so glad for all the people who attended the workshop and for all the people who donated art to the point of overwhelming Kathy. That is better than disappointing her for not receiving any donations. THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! By donating and attending the workshop you are part of Ada's healing!

Enjoy sleeping and good luck on May 4th. Love and a big hug

cu#1835024 said...

I completely agree with Ting's comment. I love the way she calls you the best HEALER for ADA.


cu# 1835024 said...

Pay day again....I know what I will do next :)

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

I don't know if you remember me, my name is Heather, I was on of the RN's that took care of Ada when she was on my unit at Methodist Hospital last year
(6 south room 6093)
I was cleaning up and found this piece of paper that Ardis had given me for this blog. I haven't been to the blog in such a long time and I am so glad to see Ada doing so well. Walking...that's amazing and even eating a little. great! I hope that you are all well.