Friday, April 17, 2009

Mini vacation

Ada is doing much better but she still have high fever during the night, about 102-103, so Dr. Biggerstaff will keep here at the hospital till Monday. He had agree to take care of Ada every time she admits to the hospital, this way he 'd already knew her and her condition and can order all the test and medication right away. We were blessed to get the privilege.
Ada and I are in private room and the nurse station is in front of the room. With big window, we can enjoy the afternoon sun. There is a couch that can pull out into a bed. I got my beads and sit there making my bracelets. Ada sleeps most of the time. Dad will come in the evening and I will go home to take shower.
2 of my favorite things at Methodist hospital are; the Raspberry ice tea in the cafeteria and the pizza place in the basement. They brew the tea just right everytime. The staffs here kept the pizza place as a secret. It is so good so it is a treat for me.
Christie Friesen is here teaching the class. I haven't had a chance to say hello to her yet, but dad can stay with Ada on Sunday, so I can go to see her. Also today Rachael and Ryan are having the house warming party. Perfect evening, I wish them well.
Ada has 3 small stones and we will come back next week to get them out. I wonder where they came from because she did not have them 6 months ago according to the c-scan.
I knew something was wrong with Ada for the past 4-5 days. She did not act like herself. It is hard to recognize that she is in pain and I thought I knew.
We will take her outside this evening and may be she can walk a little bit. Long and empty hallway would be fun to roam.
More good news later.


Queen Bee said...

Get Well soon Ada. You are in my prayers long with Mom and Dad.

WonderfulWire said...

I hope Ada feels better soon... so glad you have such an attentive doctor. Thanks so much for the updates...

Anonymous said...


I a glad the doctor has committed to assist Ada. Wow! for that private room in front of nurse station with big window to watch the afternoon sun!

I hope the doctor explains to you how the stones could have formed. Three, huh? Did he mention giving her medication to see if they come down on their own?

I a glad she is better, but with the fever, I am glad they are still keeping her at the hospital. Ada, I hope you feel better soon. We are thinking about you and wishing you get well soon.

I am glad Piak will be around in the weekend so that you can visit Christine and her workshops.

Ponsawani, like you mentioned, it is hard to recognize that she is in pain. You recognized that something was wrong and now you can connect the dots on how she shows that she is pain. You are her mom and you always know when something is not right.

I hope the couch is comfortable for the few more days you will spent in the hospital.

When she feels better maybe she will be up to going for a walk, right Ada?

Come home soon Ada!

Take care. Say Hi to Piak from us!

Love and hugs to all of you!

cU31835024 said...

God Blesses Dr. Biggerstaff. Ponsawan, Thanks for inspiring everyone everyday.

Ada, come home soon.


Ting said...

Dear Ponsawan,

I'm very sorry to hear that Ada has been sick. I wish her well and quick recovery after the operation.

I hope the Workshop went well on Sunday.

With much love.