Saturday, April 11, 2009

From Rachel

There has been several times that I have wanted to write something on this page however, I just haven't found the words. I guess I'll just start from the beginning......
Ada and I met when we were just rug rats on a gymnastics team together. She was always very quiet and kept to herself. She was a little younger than me and always very nice. I immediately became very protective of her, I'm not sure why! We were very close and I think it cracked her up that I tormented her little brothers! We ended up doing gymnastics together on the high school team and had some really fun times. Even after we both graduated we still managed to make sure we hung out at least once or twice a year. The day I found out about her accident a part of me died. I remember calling Ponsawan and asking her that one big question.... "Will she remember me?" Ponsawan paused and very quietly muttered... "no,..... well, I don't know." It took everything I had not to cry. I asked her particulars about her condition and then called my mother (a speech therapist that loves Ada too) to ask her what I could do to help, exercises... anything. The first time I came over I sat down and at first, I don't think she knew who I was until I started talking. I know in my heart that she recognized me that day. I come to see her every Thursday and if I can't make it, I come Sunday. She makes progress everyday. I think she realizes that her left arm is there now, she's looking left too!! That was a H U G E deal. The sentencing was definitely one of the hardest things I have ever had to sit through. Anyone who knows me knows that I wanted to freak out in that courtroom. Me sitting in jail definitely wouldn't have helped the situation! I have seen her walk on her walker and stand on the standing frame, she hates that thing! I know this cuz she tried to beat me up when I was holding her on it! The last time I was over there she ate her first piece of solid food!! SOLID FOOD!!! I thought Ponsawan was going to have a heart attack! Well, I could probably type forever, but I'll leave room for other thoughts! I LOVE YOU ADA!!!!
Rachel Watson


Melanie said...

What a dear friend you are Rachel :) I do a jig each time I hear good news about Ada.....she is taking baby steps towards recovery, but to us watching they are giant steps...and now she is tasting some foods!!....Big Hugs to you!!....and Ada you keep on going girl!!!...much love from Kentucky! :)

Anonymous said...


Thank you for writing! You made me cry. I met Ada at the Muncie hospital when she was born and ever since that day I have known about Ada through Ponsawan's eyes and in my visits back to IN. (Every time we go to IN to visit my husband's family, we visit the Silapirutis as they became part of our family.)

It is remarkable that you have such a dedicated friendship with Ada...I can't wait for the day that you write about Ada calling you Rachel for the first time!

Keep writing about how you feel she is remembering helps us all know about her progress, get strength and give it back to Ponsawani....

I wish I would have been in court...I wish she would have received millions of dollars in financial assistance that she deserves and is entitled to!!!!!!

But, even without it...she is improving remarkably and you see the improvements from one week to the other! That is wonderful!
Rachel, stay strong to give Ada hope and to encourage her to keep going and never give up! As Ponsawan's friend, THANK YOU for your wonderful friendship with Ada...

Anonymous said...

Rachel, you are truly a blessing to Ada. Your love and support are the sign of real and true friendship.

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,

You are a rare, precious young person. Seeing your close friend in this situation is very confrontational and requires a lot of courage. You have faced it and accepted Ada the way she is. You sat in court through the heartbreaking details of Ada's story. You have come to see her regularly. You know that your visits make a difference to Ada, helping her regain her cognitive ability. Young people have so many interests and many things to do in their life, but you choose to give your time to Ada. That's why I think you are precious.

Thank you Rachel for seeing Ada often. I believe that you contribute to Ada's progress much more than we realise. May you always be well and happy.

With love.