Friday, April 24, 2009

Random Thoughts

Just thought I would drop in with some thoughts...
Ada came home from the hospital on Monday...she was feeling better and she was Bored with a capital "B" of being in the hospital and in bed for a week. There is so much to be astounded by what Ada is doing. I think back to last spring when she was in and out of the hospital several times and then the endless days of the nursing home and even though we lived through it... seems like it must have happened to someone else. I guess the brain has a way of blocking out some of your darkest moments when you have new things to look forward to....

Ada is returning to her old self and even more so...since she came home she seems restless ready to bust out...this makes you smile and laugh but we have to remember Ponsawan is with her all day everyday because some of things she is trying to do could do her harm...she has to be watched at all times. A nurse said to me in the hospital she was very moved by Ada's mother's devotion...I too marvel at my friends' caring ways but even as she knows what Ada needs she is only one person.

So, if you have an hour or two to visit in the next few weeks please know how welcomed you are and how much it would mean to Ponsawan. Ada needs someone to "play" with her. So if you find you have the time for a visit it would be most might give Ponsawan a little time for herself.

I am leaving tomorrow to visit my son in Korea. Kyle has been there now three months and he needs his summer I thought why not deliver them in person. This is my third trip in as many years and this time I am on my own most of the time...I really want to just sit , relax and think about how fortunate I am to be blessed with two gifts from Korea that are my sons. It was the devotion of their Korean mothers that made it possible for me to celebrate Mother's Day these past 25 years. Two years ago I celebrated Mother's Day in Korea with Kyle's Korean mother as I will this year. He is a very special son to us both.

But my"daughter" and her mother will never be far from my thoughts as I know they are never far from all of yours. You are Ponsawan's strength.... never forget how important you all are in this healing process.

Take care,


Frances said...


Thank you for your comments. I wish I could drop by often to be with Ada, Ponsawani and the boys, but I live in Sarasota, FL. From afar, I try to keep in touch and I am there with my thoughts ad prayers.

I am so excited to read about Ada's continuous improvements!!!

Have a deep, meaningful and special visit and mother's day! Thank you for all you do for Ponsawani and Ada.

Have a safe trip...some day I hope to meet you in person and THANK YOU for being such a wonderful friend to Ponsawani and a "mother" to Ada.



Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Ardis!! I know so many of us visit here almost daily to find out any little tidbit on Ada's healing journey, and Ponsawan's amazing love.

I wish you a very wonderful, joyful time with your son.

God keep you safe on your trip.

cbarniak said...

Ardis, have a wonderful and safe trip! I hope you and Kyle enjoy your time. Im moving to Atlanta next weekend and am stopping through Indy to hopefully see the family. All your love and support is continuously appreciated


CU#1835024 said...

You are so special and have a loving touch in words and in deeds.

Strength can be share back and forth and it only increases, never diminishes. Thanks for reminding me that.