Thursday, October 30, 2008

I wanna hold your hand

Remember when I told you that she does not want to be touch, especially on the right side of her body, especially her right hand? I figure that if we offer her my hand by putting it near her hand, she will touch it. Not only that, she shake hand with her friend, Merisa, who came to visit last week. Little by little, she start touching me, she grabs toys from my hand and grab the cones from the therapist.
This week, we keep working with her walking, then, Connie, her PT had this crazy idea to see whether she can walk without the walker. Now, she cannot walk by herself yet, I was holding her elbow and her right hand, Connie grabs her with the belt and her hip. I mean, she actually walked across the room. I can feel her determination, her perseverance and her willing to work hard, in order to walk and stand up tall, again.
She also glance her eyes to the left side more and more. Connie think her left side had been neglect and she does not know that there is such thing as left side of her body. We hope she will be able to use her left hand and the left side of her body more. Then she can balance herself better when standing up. Everything Connie said just make sense to me. She does have the answer to all my questions. I am able to sleep at night knowing that someone really care, understand, and have years and years of experience working with patient like Ada and they both get along well.
Ada keeps surprising me of what she can do everyday.
Remember I told you that I will get help from Home health care Company who will send nurse-aids to our house and help me taking care of Ada so I can have time for myself. Well, last month, I got total of 4 hours of help. Then another company has been assigned to Ada and they sent a nurse last Monday to help me with a bath. She did not want to come back. She told the company that Ada does not want her to do anything. So this month, I got 1 and 1/2 hour of help. I suppose to get 60 hours a month.
I do tell that lady I will vote for Obama (I would if I could). Do you think she does not want to come back here because of the political reason, or she really doesn't want to drive 45 min. everyday to come here? I hope they can find a replacement soon. I need time to work on my jewelry. I had a big show at Eitlejong Museum early December.
Well, I still did not get the bed, the commode and the wheelchair for Ada. (We got the loan ones). I gave up calling those people. I don't want to be angry, yelling and upset because, most of the time, I cannot do anything about it. Just let me take care of Ada. The case manager at the Rehab clinic is working on that. It is not her job, really, but Ada has so many angles in her life that show up when she needs one.
A few friends stopped by this week; Nate Welch, Rachael Watson and Eric Holme. She seems excited about the visit today despite having a tummy ache. And of course, Ardis always here or just a phone call away when I need help or just need someone to talk to.
I hope you happy with Ada's progress report and hope you have time to stop by and say hello.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the progress report, Ponsawan. I'm very happy that Ada our angel is thriving ... But I'd like very much to hold your hands. It is really frustrating to have to wait and wait for assistance that you really need, and you are deservedly entitle to. You have been putting up with this unfair treatment for so long. You are so patient.

Back to Ada, bless her heart. She is so willing to get her life back. And she will. Soon. She has got the genes of determination and perseverence, from you.

She's a good fighter like you.

When there is nothing much you can do to fix the system and people in the system, you can moan and post it to us here in the mean time. We always want to hear about you and Ada. we want to support you in every way we can. You can't see our face, can't hear our voices, but please know that we always listen to you here.

Indeed I wanna hold your hand.

Anonymous said...

Like so many others, I come to your blog almost everyday to see what news you have to share about Ada. Lately the news just gets better and better regarding her progress. This is so uplifting and exciting and I want to shout YIPPEEEEE!! (I'm only sorry the news about the help & assistance you so badly need is not always the best.)

Don't give up. I'm sure there are many people like myself who are thinking of and praying for you daily.


cu#1835024 said...

Most wonderful news! Thanks Ada and Ponsawan for your courage.

I follow Ada's and your blogs almost everyday. I admire your beautiful beadwork and your talent.

Have a great Wednesday!


cu#1835024 said...


Hi. It is a warm fall day in NC and I hope you have a good day.

Just thought to compliment you on applying favorite song titles into your posts so cleverly and appropriately.

Despite all troubles, you keep your creativity and sense of humor. How cool!


cu#1835024 said...

I miss your and Ardis' posts.

Just made another small donation. The process was very fast and I felt very good. By using my PayPal account, I think there will not be a service fee to you.

Donate early and often to uphold our commitment to Ada and Ponsawan.


F. said...

I am finally back to the blog after two weeks with a sick computer. Thank you for the progress report.

I was glad to finally call you and speak with you. Feel free to call me when you need someone to talk to.

Send me the bill for the gorgeous jewelry...Really, I want more, but I can't take it if you do not want to charge me.

It is good to have a therapist that you can trust, that is knowledgeable, and can answer your questions.

Sleep tight.