Monday, November 17, 2008


Everyone tell me that seizure is a bad sign, something wrong with the brain or with your body. It sent out a signal to let you know that something is not right. Ada had one on Friday. It is to be expected for people with brain injury that they will have a seizure, sooner or later. Ada was standing on the standing frame when Connie and I noticed that she was shaking and her fingers just curled up. We sat her down and within a minute, she was back to normal.
I call Dr. Callahan and he told me to take her to ER if she has another one, so they can do c-scan. Why wait? I took her to ER, she had another one, did c-scan and found nothing had changed from the last result, got some med and prescription and we went home.
Remember i told you that she doesn't like to be touch on her right side of her body, especially her hand. She was holding my hand most of the time we were there and nurse Glen was able to get a few tubes of blood from her right wrist. At home she let me curled up in bed with her on her right side, I hold her hand and we took a long nap together. It may not sound significant to you, but may be the seizure is the good things. I think her brain is showing some sign of awakening. She is alert when she awake. She shake hand with everybody, keep her eyes on people a little longer and she still laugh when I make silly sound. The bad things are that medicine make her so sleepy and I might have to keep an eye on her at all time, which I don't mind. We will consult an experts later, when we can get a hold of one.
I hope this is good for her, and me.
A friend, Colleen, who is a speech therapist will come and work with Ada once a week. Also a few visit from friends this week; Rachael Watson, Milton Keys, Kirstin Olson and Grant Brown. Go PIKE! Even the nurse-aid, who comes in the evening to help me with Ada's bath, was graduated from PIKE. Oh, and the neuro psychologist at the Rehab also Pike graduate.
A better news next time, I hope.


Anonymous said...

My dear Ada,
At last, news from you. I have been longing to hear about you. While your mom was too busy to write, I prayer daily for your good progress.
And you are doing well, my angel. You interact more with people around you. I believe that your brain is working hard to rewire itself. I trust your mom's motherly instinct.
Thanks for working hard Ada. Thanks to your mom, your friends and people who help your mom care for you. God bless.

Anonymous said...

I'm readig everuthing you write and I'm thinking of you.
All the best,
Nena :)

Cu#1835024 said...


Thank you for this post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

It is good to be back reading your blog. The computer is not all recovered, but at least I was able to log in. I can receive e-mails, but I cannot e-mail. Strange. Mike and I are not too friendly with computers, you know!

I continue to pray every morning for Ada. I too trust your motherly instinct that maybe the seizure is not a bad sign, but a sign that her right side is awakening and rewiring. It is exciting and emotional to read about the naps together, the touching, the amazing love between the two of you!

Stay strong! You will come through all this together and triumphant,I have no doubt in my mind it is just a matter of time...



Anonymous said...

Dear Ponsawan,
I check this blog every day checking for news. I have followed you from your polymer clay days and continue to be amazed by your strength. When I first read of Ada's seizure I too thought of it as a good sign that perhaps something inside her brain is awakening. I think of you and Ada often. Thank you for keeping us posted. I look forward to the day when you and Ada pose yet again for a beautiful picture together smiling, like the one on the sidebar of your blogs front page.

Jaz said...

thinking of you all often!

praying for all as well. :)

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