Monday, December 8, 2008

A special thanks to our friends

We had a few disasters last week. First, I left the pan of cooking oil on the stove and it was caught on fire. We managed to put out the fire and save the house but the stove, the hood and part of the cabinets was damaged and so did a few of my fingers. I still have all 5 of them but some with big blisters and puffiness. I called Abby and Katherine who said "I'll be right there" and showed up soon after to take Ada to the neighbor's house. Colleen and Larry and us had our houses built next to each other 20 years ago. Abby stayed with Ada's while Kat took me to the emergency room. The nurse was making fun of me because I had put egg white and toothpaste on my wound, but the doctor came in and said his mom did the same thing too. He is from Pakistan. It must be the Ancient Asian remedy. Abby and Kat had to changed Ada since I injured my right hand. I have never thought they have to do that but they did it anyway. Thank you girls.
That was Thursday night. The next day I had to called a few of my friends because I had a booth at Winter market at Eitlejorg Museum on Saturday. Bonnie came in the morning then Kathy and Ann came in the afternoon. We ended the Saturday evening in the ER again. Ada's feeding tube was pulled out so the doctor put the g-tube in and today we went back for the G-J tube replacement. We only stayed in the ER for a fwe hours this time. Tomorrow we have an appointment with Dr. Segal, then Wednesday with Dr. Lipson.
Ada is doing just fine through out these past weeks. She laughs a lot more and look people in their eyes more. Forgive me for not posting as often. First, my right hand is still messed up, and second, we have a court date on 19th of this month. It took a lot of energy to deal with the issue. I hope you understand.
Anyway, I had learn that I can do a lot of things with my left hand alone. I can even change Ada with no problem at all. I show her my right hand and she laugh at me. Good new is we will get a new stove or even a new kitchen.
Ada's friends, if you have a chance to come home for the Holiday, please stop by and say "Hi" to her. It means a lot to her and to us. Ardis had already dec her room with purple tree and wreath. Come check it out.


Stephanie Crim said...

My mother and I will come an say hi to Ada when I am in town for Christmas on the 22nd or 23rd.

Thank you for all of the updates.

Vicki Crim said...

Yes, Stephanie and I will come visit and if there is anything you need, please email me at and let me know what it is and we'll try to help out.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ponsawan,
The accident could have been much worse and I am so grateful to God that you are all safe. I hope you enjoy designing your own kitchen because you are the one using it. I send you all a lot of love and best wishes. I hope you and Ada enjoy the festive seasons with your lovely family and precious friends.

cu#1835024 said...

Play a residential architect for a change! You always are very creative and the design you have done for the restaurant is fabulous.

I hope your hand heals completely by now. It is amazing how you can accomplish so much with just the left hand.