Friday, December 19, 2008

Calling All You Angels

It's been a while since I wrote on this's not that I haven't had anything to say but I think Ponsawan has kept you all up to date since Ada has been home more than I ever could. There are many nights I have wanted to contribute to the blog but couldn't find the words to really help you to see into Ada's world. These past few months have brought many new aspects to Ada's life and the reality that the brain is very slow to heal. She is physically doing better because of the wonderful and loving care that Ponsawan provides every hour of the day. Ponsawan has begun to pick up on the signs that Ada displays and then knows how to give her comfort. I see more expression in Ada's eyes these days...sometimes I swear she's picking up on what is being said.....and wants to tell those around her what's on her mind. She has a way of lifting up an eyebrow that brings a smile to my face.
Today the driver of the car that struck Ada plead guilty and was sentenced. Ponsawan spoke from the bottom of her heart as to what it is like to see her beautiful Ada live like this each and every day. She spoke of the tears she sheds every night before she goes to sleep and how each morning she wakes up hoping it was just a nightmare. When she told the court why Ada was out so late that night... a friend had called her to pick him up because he had been drinking, you could hear the air being sucked out of the room.
I also spoke... for all of you and I decided I would include my words in this blog tonight...

"What I remember most about Ada is her beautiful smile. When she walked into a room all eyes were on her. Because of this tragedy her family has been waiting ten months to see even a slight smile come across her beautiful face. As a mother who has stood by this family all these months I am in awe of how they go about their daily living with Ada. It is not in our realm of comprehension to know their pain. Ada was the light of their lives, she was the one who guided them through life, who was there with the quick hugs and of course her infectious smile. She worked hard and dreamed big. Ada has two younger brothers who adore their big sister. She was supportive, they told her all the secrets that you don't tell your parents. Now there are only one-sided conversations with her. Ada's family is still coping with the realities of her injuries...the endless therapies, doctor visits, the feeding tubes, the bills, the anger, the sadness, and the dreams lost. The battle goes on hour by hour waiting for some sign that she understands her surroundings. This was the girl who was two credits shy from an IU diploma, who volunteered during spring break to help Katrina victims. Today we sit and wait for her to move her head to the left...believe me that is a big deal. Ada we are here today to be your voice and to be supportive of the family you love. Do you know the words we say? Do you know where you are? We pray everyday that you do and that some day the connections will come. I hope this court takes into consideration not only the life that has been altered but all the lives that have been changed because of the selfishness of one man. "
There was one voice that could not be heard in that courtroom...Adas'. But she was there sitting next to the prosecutor with her father by her side and her presence was like a 1000 voices. You could see the tears well up in the eyes of even the court room personnel. I don't believe that Ada's family has wanted retribution... because no amount of jail time brings their Ada back as she once was. What they always wanted was for the driver to admit his guilt and for he and his family to see Ada and to know what a beautiful girl inside and out Ada was and what he had stolen from her that night. Ada being there accomplished this... the punishment was up to the judge. He has been sentenced to some jail time, community service, and future restitution. Hopefully the family can put the burden of court room appearances behind them and continue to focus on Ada's care.

Now for the angels part in all of many of you well know the costs of taking care of Ada continues to grow. More therapies and equipment will be needed in the near future and much of it will not be covered by Medicaid. Like most insurance if they don't see quick progress they abandon the treatment. The brain is not a broken bone...there is no time frame on it's ability to heal itself. It will still be months before any settlement comes from the insurance company and even then Indiana law favors the defendant and the insurance company. I realize this time of year there are many requests for your help but if now or in the future.... please send what you can... the family is most grateful for your help and your prayers. This road is very long and most of the time they travel it alone. Let them know they have many friends around the world during this holiday season...send them your best wishes.

Thank you for giving them your love and support,


Anonymous said...

Thank you Ardis. I could hardly see your words with my tears flowing down my cheeks.

We join Ada, Ponsawani, Piak, Archy and Arthy and you in this moment.

May 2009 bring miracles of healing!

cu#1835024 said...


Thank you for your personal email; I have shared it with friends in Thailand. Your words move me because of your integrity and unwavering support. The Silapiruti family is very lucky to have you on their side.

I have donated more this month and will continue to do my part every month in New Year 2009. It is my wish that all of us follow your example of love, selflessness and sacrifice.


Ting said...

Ardis, your message brought us clear pictures of the courtroom and emotions in it. Many many thanks to you for standing by Ponsawan and for keeping us informed.

Yui, thanks for a great idea and a good example of how to give continuous support to Ponsawan. I am going to follow suit.

Actions speak louder than words. Bless your heart.

2009 will have to be a better year for Ponsawan.