Monday, October 6, 2008

It's a wonderful day

We went to Rehab clinic today. Finally, Ada can get a treatment from therapists who specialized in Brain Injury patient. The clinic is much smaller than the hospital and one hour session had proven to be more sufficient time for her. The PT, OT and SpeechT had given me a lot of suggestion of how we can work with her. One thing that bought tears to my eyes was how we can help restored her self-esteem. Ada is more aware of what's going on with her and must be very frustrated that she cannot get up, or talk or tell us what she wants. Lots of good tips. Not only the therapist who wants to help Ada but also the case workers are eagerly wanted to help with Medicaid issue. It is very complicated, they told me. No wonder!
Another good new is Ada got approved for extra help. When you take your love one home, you help save a lot of money so they provide you with extra aids. We will get 60 hours a month with aids and I will be able to work and do shows or go out and have lunch with friends.
Now we are still waiting to hear about the hospital bed, shower chair and her own wheelchair to be approved. She is using the loaned equipment right now and they did not quite do the job. My life would have been a lot easier with proper equipments.
The DONATE button is working now. Kim Cavender wrote about Ada on her blog and many Polymer Clay friends had donated some money already. Thank you, thank you, thank you. A special thank you e-mail will be sent out soon.


F and M said...

Hi Ponsawan,

I love the titles of your messages. They always summarize your feeling so well! You are great!

I am speechless, excited and grateful with all the wonderful news. It is great to hear about the specialization of brain injury therapists!!!!!!! I was wondering if Ada knew she cannot speak, get up, eat, etc. and if so I couldn't imagine her frustration. We do not know if she remembers what happened, but we know that the therapists and you can help her through this healing process and that is what matters! It is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!

Great news about the additional aid with resources and services. It is so nice to hear you excited about all this, about being able to go to shows and out with friends. You deserve it!

Go Polymer group!!!!!!! What a wonderful community to help with donations!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will arrive in Indy's airport on Thursday night. M has done a little research on therapeutic garden and can't wait to design it with YOU. Since you know Ada the most, you are a key design team member.

Can't wait to see all of you and meet Ardis.

Love and hugs,

F and M

Anonymous said...

A quick word to tell you that Ada has always in my heart and my prayers. And I am so thankful for every progress she makes, every little good news that comes each day. You seem to face a new challange each day too, Ponsawan. Please hang in there and know that I and many, many friends who have and have not met you, are standing by you.
Thanks for having a donate button on the page, making it very easy for people to help when they can.
Much love,