Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Art of "Walking"

We take it for granted, walking, because we learn to do that when we were so young and cannot remember how difficult it was to learn how to walk. Eliana who is 14 months old starts to walk, a few steps at a time then she will sit down and start a few more step. One foot in front of another, we said, but that is not so true.
On Friday, PT put Ada on the rail and she be able to stand up straight. "Let's see if she can walk" she said. We put Ada in a walker, with PT hold on to her and I was on the floor make sure she move her feet, one at a time. Ada has to learn to shift her weight on one foot while moving the other foot. Then straighten her knee the bare her weight and bend her knee again to lift her foot. Her right leg is more active so she get a big step out of the right foot while the left foot is still dragging, but that did not stop her. She walked from the end of the room to the other end without stopping. She must be on her feet for almost 45 minutes.
So now instead of looking for Standing Frame, we might need the Walking frame because just standing around for Ada is not enough. She can do much more.
She is also able to pull herself up in a sitting position, on the side of the bed and transfer her from bed to chair is easier. Still, we are waiting to get the bed and a new commode. Any day now.
Today, I went to the Polymer Clay Guild meeting, and Ardis had, generously, come over to sit with Ada. While they were watching TV, Ada grab the remote control from Ardis's lap and threw it on the bed. Ardis told her to do it again if she really did not like the show, and Ada did it again. Ardis had to change the channel.
Everyday, we celebrate what "else' Ada can do today.


Anonymous said...

My dear Ada,

What a joy to hear that you are learning to walk and that you have done many steps. What a thrill to hear that you can do more complex communication. I love you Ada. You never stop to surprise me with the wonderful things you do each time I read your blog. Many hugs to you, to your mother and dear surrogate mother of yours, Ardis. Thanks to both and to those who help your mother take care of you.

One day, I will see your smile on this blog.

F & M said...

Ada and Ponsawan,

How excited I am to hear about you walking! One step at a time, you are trying and that is wonderful! I AM SO EXCITED! It is good that you continue to try to communicate. I am sorry we didn't see you, Ardis.

Some day, I too, look forward to see your beautiful smile in your face.

It was so good to see you all!


F and M

Anonymous said...

Excellent! I'm excited to see her. This Thursday is my Fall Break, so I will be calling to see if I can visit/help out with anything on Thursday and Friday. Until then it will be work work work at school.

Remind Ada, I'm giving her two years- so she can walk down the asle!


Anonymous said...

This is fantastic and wonderful news!

I remember the very first day I read Ponsawan's post telling us how Ada had just been in a terrible car accident and was in a coma with brain damage ....

I thank God for His healing mercies and my prayers will continue to be with Ada and her family.


Anonymous said...

Ada, you are a blessing. I pray every day for your recovery.

Anonymous said...

Ada, you are a blessing. I pray every day for your recovery.

angkana said...


You are so strong and so determined just the way your mom told me. Your hard work and progress excites us all.

You really are a blessing to all of us who follow your blog everyday.


Marisa said...

Ada, i'm coming to see you this weekend. i'm so excited to hear your news and to just see you!!! i've missed you loads while here in b-town, but you're in my thoughts always.


Anonymous said...

Ada, I loved seeing you.
I miss you!