Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring time

We are taking advantage of the unusually spring time this year and Miss Ada can be outside almost everyday. She wakes up at the crack of dawn, which means she will wake up 5 to 10 minute early everyday. We get the big, heavy communication device from her therapist to use at home. It is like a touch pad so she can touch the picture and tell us what she want, or what she wants to say to us. there are many categories to choose from. We still have to guide her to push on certain picture, but she is learning it as fast as she can. Not as fast as her therapist wants her to do, but we can't rush Ada. She will do it at her own pace.

Nurse will take her out and go around the neighborhood and I will do that in the evening. Sometime dad will take us to the ice cream shop. We park at the spot where she can see other people. I was fascinated to see her play with her dad. he will ask her to hit his face with her left hand, the bad hand, the one that she can barely move, but she is able to get it as close as she can. Sometime she will use her right hand to push her left hand so she can get his face. She is thinking, isn't she?

I just realize that the lat time she had her feeding tube replace was a year ago. Gee! why don't they put this kind of tube in for her long time ago. for the first 3 years, we had to replace it every 4-5 month. Those trip to ER sure made us miserable. Finger cross, I hope the tube will be good for a long time.

Ada has her good day and bad day. Sometime she just happy and giggles all day. Sometime she will be grumpy and throws everything at me. I left the room for a few minutes and she would threw the bowl of Cheerios on our bed. Bad kitty!. She doesn't like to watch TV as much, I guess she'd already watch every episode of Spongbob, iCarly, Victorious and Big Time Rush.

We go to bed early, about 9 pm, because she is tried and fussy around that time but she doesn't want to sleep just yet. So we will be in bed and play games on iPad for a while.

My leave her in the morning when her nurse gets here and go to workroom up stair. I did get a lot of work done and be able to put more thought and design into each of my works. The latest one I am quite proud of. Check out my blog at
I also make soup for her now. Butternut Squash soup is best for her, and I throw in some chopped up Greens and tofu. She still eat almost the whole box of Cheerios everyday so I have to watch her weight.

Few minor not so good thing is that she has a big sore on her head along the staple line. It must be from in grown hair. Can't do much anything much about it. She is taking antibiotic
and it is healing now. Good thing she doesn't scratch it because it is on the left side of her head.

That's the report for now :) Oh, I will have lunch with Ardis on Tuesday, I am glad that she recovered quite well from the surgery and she also became Grandma last month. She lost quite a few pound and can't eat everything just yet.


Melanie J Pierce said...

There's that "Beautiful Ada Smile" happy to hear about the new feeding tube! Also that you get to have Ponsawan time in your new Studio... :) Your work is too beautiful to not be able to share with the world and I know it must feel so good to be able to focus on your art! Also great to hear Ada is learning to communicate on the new IPad like thing...Blessings to you and yours! Your friend in Kentucky~Melanie:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani, I have been out of the loop with visitors at home and missed visiting your blog. Such a nice surprise to see these two and the beautiful spring smile! Glad the tube is working for so long. Almost a cheerio box a day... wow! I am glad you are still using the communication device and that the therapist is working with her. Enjoy your productive and creative time in your studio! Enjoy watching dad and Ada playing and enjoying each other! Enjoy visiting with Ardis, glad to hear that she is recovering so well! Urrah to the butternut squash soup! Yum! Love and hugs