Saturday, April 14, 2012

Food for Ada

Ada still has her feeding tube, which is good for us. All the medicine can be given through her tube with no fuss. She doesn't like water in her mouth. Even though she can swallow most of the food she eat, some food just got stuck on the mouth ceiling, or between her gum line or under her tong. At one point, she was able to eat many things, but then she decided to eat just crunchy things, and we can't force her to eat anything else.
Here is the list of food we give her:
A big cup of V-8 in the morning. I try to give her some protein drink, but it creates the problem of constipation. We don't want that. Then she eats Banana Nut Cheerios all day. Some day she eats the whole box, so we have to watch how much she eats. Cheerios is the only cereal that melt in your mouth, so if she hasn't chew or swallow, it will melt and that prevent her from choking. Kik is good too, but its round shape make them roll around and hard for Ada to keep it on her hand. The doggies will come and clean up the floor, but I'll stick with the Cheerios. Occasionally, we gave her Baby Teddy Gram and Reese's pieces too.
I made soup for her now for supper. After trying a few vegetables, I found that Butternut squash is the best for her to absorb and digest. So each week I will make Butter Nut squash soup with carrot, some chopped up greens and tofu. Then puree soup in blender, pour into small different containers, then freeze them for later days.
She also received 2 or 3 cans of formula during the day depend on how much Cherrios she eats, and plenty of water.
She looks healthy, her skin looks good, her hair getting long and her nails need to to be trim each week. We brush her teeth twice a day and has her teeth clean twice a year.
After all, I am trying to keep her weight at about 120. Over that I will have trouble getting her in and out of the chair and pushing her around.
That's all for today.
For Ada's friends: Don't fell guilty that you haven't been here to visit her. I think she won't recognize any of you, I don't think she even remember me. But it is nice to hear that you still thinking of her and always have something nice to say about my Ada. I understand you guys are busy with your own lives, jobs, family life and so on. Rachael is able to re-introduce herself to Ada and she is able to visit Ada once a week.
It would be nice to hear from you guys from time to time. It would make me happy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawon. This is my first post. Ada and I were just acquaintances, but I always visit your blogger to see how she's doing. I think about her a lot... she was and still is a beautiful soul.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani, Wow! She is eating a lot now. Good to see the variety in the three meals. Maybe she can or maybe she cannot remember people from her past, but I do think that she recognizes people now. I certainly saw her face when she saw me again last summer. Keep up the great work! Love and hugs

Anonymous said...

Dear Ponsawan,

Thank you for your kind comment left at this end of this post. I try to check your blog weekly to check on Ada.

This is Azusa. I don't think that we've met face to face too many times. But I was on the gymnastics team with Ada. You made T-shirts for our team one year! I still have it hanging in my closet.

I've wanted to come visit you and Ada for so long. But after time passed, I just felt guiltier and guiltier for not visiting. And now, I feel like it's too late.

I just wanted to thank you for letting us all know how things are going with Ada. I admire your strength in enduring all of the frustration and the stress with such grace and patience. I think of you both frequently and I wish nothing but the best.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawan,

I'm moving back to Indy from Wisconsin in June, so I'd love to stop by and see Ada sometime. I don't know that she will remember me, but I always check up on her here! I really appreciate that you keep us all updated as to how she is doing. I too admire you and everything that you do for her, any daughter would be proud to have such a wonderful mother!

Melissa Platt