Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New tube

Today we got up at 6 am and headed to the Interventional Radiology department so Ada can have her feeding tube put back in. The catheter tube worked just fine but it might have irritated Ada's stomach. The nurses in the prep rooms remembered us so there was no need for long introduction. The last time we were there was 3 months ago. Joe, the technicians just shook his head and went back to see if he can find some other alternative tube for Ada.
The feeding tube has a balloon at the end, after you put the tube in the stomach through a small hole over the belly button, you inflated the balloon with salt water. The balloon will keep the tube in. Usually, each tube last 5-6 month but it can be pull out by accident. Joe suggest a shorter tube that the opening is next to the skin. Another tube will be connected for feeding. Well, Ada doesn't like to be touch and fussing with her stomach area all day won't work. The next one is the same feeding tube with the end cap that look like a small mushroom. It can stretch so thin in order to put it through the hole , and once it get in, the small rubber disc will make hard to pull the tube out.
Joe did mention it last time and tell me to call Ada's GI doctor, which I did but he didn't tell me anything new. How far and wide do I have to search in order to make our lives a bit easier, you know, not having to spend 5 hours in the ER every 4-5 months? I am sure the mushroom kind had existed a while ago, and no one thought, ha, that's would be better for Ada. Same as the earlier time when Ada used to have a G-J tube. It works because it prevent aspiration, but it clogs easily and the food goes down very slow. It was my executive decision to change from G-J tube to G-tube and it went well.
Joe said this tube should last at lease a year to 5 years, so we won't see each other often unless I just want to talk to him. Thank you, Joe, you will be missed.

P.S. I am happy with Congresswoman Gifford's progress. But just to remind you that in reality, if you, an ordinary people had a severe brain injury, don't expect to be flown in to the hospital by the private jet, then helicopter. Don't expect that they will let you stay in the hospital for 3 months with private nurse and everyday therapy. Don't expect the Musical therapy either, unless you have the same kind of insurance that the Congresswoman has. I thought Ada has the best, Medicare won't pay for her Musical therapy. Don't get me wrong, I am forever grateful for what we had received. Salute for this great country.


MaryL said...

So glad you Finally get the tube that works best! How exhausting for you both... maybe now things can settle down for awhile...

Anonymous said...

Hi Ponsawani,

I am glad to hear that the tube situation was resolved, but boy! you both had to go through a lot! I just want the tube out all together some day in the future when Ada is ready...once she is ready to eat and swallow the food faster.

About the Congresswoman Gifford...well said...You know that there are still people who have good health insurance and therefore, cannot think of others who do not and oppose health care reform! This world is full of selfish people that do not think about others. Imagine, if Ada would have been able to receive all the health care services that the Congresswoman received! There is no need for you to clarify that you are grateful for what you have received. You have the right to say that it has not been enough, that it has been mediocre, that it has not been fair!

I hope the health care that Ada receives improves in the future with a stronger health care reform. I hope the surgery and the recovery go well! Love and hugs, F&M

angkana said...

I learn a lot from your blog. Thanks for the way you think.