Saturday, April 30, 2011

The girl and her new shoe collection

Last week, Ada's surgery for her wisdom teeth had been postponed, which is good for us because she had been sleeping and napping all day. Must be tried from all the commotion with the feeding tube. The tube works fine so far.

Today Rachael came over and we took Ada to Trader Joe's. We both fill up the cart with good food. Ada was good but attempt to grab other people cart one time. I found freeze dried strawberry that cost less that what I bought at Georgetown Market. I also bought Light coconut milk for curry. Arthy has been cooking for us and he is very health conscious.

Rachael is changing job so she had been helping her mother-in-law clean out her closet. She got 3 big boxes of shoes and stuffs in her car. Size 7 1/2 and 8? Great, we both wear the same size shoe.

We came home and Rachael took out the boxes. I tried on some shoes. Ada was curious. Rachael gave Ada a shoe and Ada extended her foot out, Rachael put the shoe on, Ada gave her another foot and she looks happy.

I should have tape the event, really. Rachael showed Ada another shoe, she wave her hand, as a "no no". Then Rachael gave her another shoe, she extend her foot out again.

The girl has a new collection of shes now. Amazing how can she picks and chooses and makes decision. The brain must be working hard today.


Kimequa said...

That's awesome! Ada always has had great style :)

MaryL said...

You're right...that would have made a very cool video! :) Glad the tube is doing well!

Anonymous said...

Dear Ponsawani, I am glad the tube is working well. Excellent to see that her brain is actually analyzing and making choices! Wow! A therapist needs to know this to assist her a steo further! So exciting!!!!!!! Hugs, F&M

Siripong said...

Write the book, Ponsawan. You can do it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is wonderful. It seems to me that making choices is a very high level of thinking. So happy to hear that Ada is doing that. Happy to hear that the new feeding tube is working out. Thank you for the updates. Take care of yourself Ponsawani and have a wonderful Mothers Day next Sunday. Heavens knows you deserve it.

angkana said...


Thank God for your good news.


catheter tube said...

You're right...that would have made a very cool video! :) Glad the tube is doing well!