Saturday, April 23, 2011

Feeding tube

Yesterday we went to the pre-op for Ada at Indiana University Hospital where they prepared the paperwork for Ada's surgery next Wednesday. Ada had been patiently waiting and sitting in her chair while I talked to the nurse and doctor. After two hours, we went home only to turn back to Methodist hospital because her feeding tube came off. And it is Friday afternoon which means it was busy and the Intervention Radiology Department will be closed till Monday morning. Then I have to call them at 7 am Monday morning and beg them to schedule Ada ASAP.
While 2 doctors were working in putting the feeding tube back in her stomach, me and 2 nurses were trying very hard to hod Ada's down. She was mad, scare, and hurt at the same time. I think she almost, almost cry. Unsuccessfully, the doctor had to put the catheter tube in which mean it needs to be replaced later. Exhausting and angry, Ada let me know that she wanted to get out of bed and sit on her chair. She calmly pointed to her shirt and pants at the end of the bed. I put her clothes back on, then she pointed to her shoes and lifted up her feet for me. Then she pointed to the door but we can't go home yet because they wanted her to get and X-ray. The technician was very kind, I think she remembered Ada. The nurses came back and laid on top of Ada. Another round of wrestling with her. I was in tear, no, I really cried.
Keep in mind that by the time we walked into the ER till after X-ray, it had been 5 hours. What did we do in between? Well, we played games on iPad, I blew up the latex glove and let Ada talked with the hand, I folded the papers into airplane, I pushed her back and forth in the hallway in her chair and constantly asking the nurse to get things moving at the same time because last time Ada had water was at 9 am and it was now 6 pm. We both very, very tried.
Finally, I saw Ann Huber, the ER Angle, she came to the rescue. She got us out of there in 15 min. I talked briefly with Ann about why can't they sedated Ada down here in ER and they can't because it is a simple procedure, well, for others not for the fighty, mighty Ada.
The question is Ada will have surgery on Wed and I wonder if she can be sedated on Monday then again on Wednesday.


Anonymous said...


Oh my dear! One struggle after another.... only because the staff cannot tailor regular procedures and practices to each individual patient according to their situation! It is so sad to hear the canned response without putting any thought to what he or she is saying, without thinking that you are dealing with a human being. So sorry you both had to go through that... I hope that Monday and Wednesday are better days.

Great to see how she definitely communicates what she wants pointing at it! It is amazing how her brain is connecting! Keep us posted. I will have you in my positive thoughts on Monday and Wednesday! Love and hugs, F&M

Jackie said...

Gosh, Pons, I am so sorry! So sorry! I am glad that day is over and will be saying prayers for much easier and calmer times for you. My poor friend. I think you are the best. ((((Ponsawan)))) ((((Ada))))

Love to you.